Treats for the Vegans at Your Holiday Table

| December 19, 2013 | 'Tis the Season Latest The Latest

2 - Treats for the Vegans at Your Holiday Table
A festive, vegan buche de noel from Vegan Divas.

Holiday dinners are often synonymous with delicious gluttony, but even those of us with an irresistible sweet tooth can indulge without the unfortunate consequences of animal fat O.D. (read: cholesterol explosions). New York's many upscale vegan bakeries can provide animal product-free desserts for your holiday table that are just as decadent as their buttery counterparts. Here are a few tantalizing vegan treats that you can have delivered to your door.

Buche de Noel at Vegan Divas. This Yuletide classic dessert log ($59, serves 10-12) finds new life in its light and fluffy Vegan Divas incarnation, a delicious chocolate sponge cake layered with chocolate mousse and caramel filling. If you haven't tasted a good vegan chocolate mousse, you haven't lived.

Thin Mints at BabyCakes NYC. Toothsome and refreshing, BabyCakes NYC's chocolatey thin mints are made with applesauce, mint extract, and chocolate chips. Keep them around the house for pre- and post-Christmas dinner snacking.

1 - Treats for the Vegans at Your Holiday Table
Vegan thin mints from BabyCakes NYC.

Gingerbread Boy Cookies at BabyCakes NYC. The sweet taste of ginger makes these holiday treats ($24 per dozen) a favorite of grown-ups, while kids love their fun shapes. What would Christmas be without gingerbread?

Spelt Apple Cake at Vegan Divas. Baked in the tin in which it's sold, this vegan treat ($49, serves 8-10) is made with fresh apples, spelt and wheat flour, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. If your guests don't finish it all in one sitting (unlikely) just pop it in the freezer.

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