Jammin' Cocktails

—Perry Santanachote | August 15, 2011 | Past Events

Tucked away in the back of Double Crown restaurant is Madam Geneva, a bar that boasts more than 40 bottles of artisanal gin. Its signature concoction is the jam cocktail—a refreshing, not-too-sweet drink that features fruits, spices and herbs at their seasonal peak. (Mixologist Laura Lashley demostrates how to make one here.) The preserves are made in-house at the bar, but jams from the local farmers’ market make a great substitute when making these drinks at home. Right now Madam Geneva is highlighting the summer flavors of blueberry rosemary, lemon black pepper and strawberry ginger, and in keeping with the bar’s prohibition style there is also a secret jam for Gotham readers upon request (it’s plum vanilla right now, but changes every two weeks). Madam Geneva, 4 Bleecker St., 212-254-0350

Madam Geneva’s Jam Cocktail
2 ounce Beefeater Gin
1 ounce fresh lemon juice
1 ounce simple syrup
Spoonful of jam of choice

Toss the gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and a cup of ice into a shaker and shake briskly. Strain into a glass filled with crushed ice and top with a spoonful of jam. Gradually stir in jam to taste.

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