Dispatch: YSL-Fueled Gala at the Met Opera

—Jeffrey Slonim
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March 28, 2012 | The Latest Homepage Latest

On Monday, Yves Saint Laurent sponsored the Metropolitan Opera's premiere of Jules Massenet’s Manon at Lincoln Center, and the gala was the perfect opportunity for stars to strut the sexy-chic designs of the fashion house. Lauren Pelley’s elegantly lavish Belle Epoque-inspired staging echoed the belle Hollywood creatures on display in YSL creations as they rushed the gauntlet of press in the tented red carpet at the Met (which became a kind of icy wind tunnel).

This was all before Russian opera superstar Anna Netrebko began belting out high-pitched arias onstage. Pelley’s sets were simple, bold, and grand. And the costumes were lavish and colorful, highlighting the caliber of the female stars onstage who resembled Madame X to the nth degree.

As for the offstage excitement, Michael Stipe, artist Francesco Clemente, Barbara Walters (in Oscar de la Renta), Patti Smith with a sheer scarf over her head, and Salman Rushdie also walked the white-tented corridor out front. Meanwhile, YSL outfitted loads of actresses.

“The dress was cold,” explained Patricia Clarkson of her chic YSL gown that matched her jet cape and long gloves with flecks of gold. “And I said, ‘Oh, I need a coat.' And they ended up adding the cape. And it’s so beautiful and cozy-warm. And the gloves are yummy.”

The dress of former Met Opera child star Emmy Rossum matched bad-gal Manon’s gown onstage when she gets nabbed by gendarmes. “I fell in love with the color,” said Rossum. Rossum upped the ante with a dramatic choker and slicked-back strands.

And the hair? “Kind of Carolina Herrera," she said.

Like Manon, who is to be shipped off to Louisiana before she croaks at the end of the opera, Rossum mentioned that she too was en route to the Big Easy. She’s starring in Beautiful Creatures, a tale of supernatural romance with Viola Davis.

“I loved the idea of a jumpsuit,” said Emma Roberts, who appeared icy with open-shoulders, as did a shivering Chloe Moretz, who, like Rossum, had a black ribbon around her neck and her hair pulled back. “It’s very young, it’s very me," said Moretz of the layered dark dress with a big bow pinned at the cleavage.

But the most dramatic, backless looks were saved for blond sirens Amber Heard, with tresses pushed up and back with one loose curl, and January Jones with a voluminous bob.

Jones had a long slit on the side of her dress and wore dark blue nail polish. And Heard, also with a serious slit, showed nearly the full length of her sensational legs, and Dispatches didn’t notice any, say, panty line, Spank, or fabric of any kind by way of the side view.

Go, team YSL.

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