Carmindy Bowyer's Chelsea

—Jessica Ferri | April 2, 2012 | Past Events

1 - Carmindy Bowyer's Chelsea
Carmindy Bowyer

When she's not giving expert beauty advice on TLC's What Not to Wear, Carmindy Bowyer works as a top makeup artist right here in New York, calling Chelsea home. You can catch Carmindy, of course, on What Not to Wear, or pick up a copy of her new book, Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets for Getting Gorgeous Fast—she even has her own app!

What is your favorite thing about living in Chelsea?
CARMINDY BOWYER: The charming and beautiful brownstone streets. People really go crazy with their window boxes in the warmer months, and it's so pretty.

Which eateries do you frequent the most?
CB: Salinas (136 9th Ave.) is a great tapas restaurant and La Bergamote (177 9th Ave.) has the best almond croissants in the city.

Describe your quintessential Chelsea day.
CB: Heading over to Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave.) for fresh produce and other tasty treats, a stop in New London Pharmacy (246 8th Ave.) for cool hair and bath products, and a good run down Hudson River Park.

What beauty advice do you have for fellow New Yorkers?
CB: Wear sunscreen. Just because you are in a city and not at the beach doesn't mean you won't get burned just as easy. Many people skip it in the city unless they are in the park but it will keep you younger longer if you apply it everyday in every season.

And what are your absolute favorite beauty shops in the city?
CB: New London Pharmacy (246 8th Ave.), Aedes de Venustas (9 Christopher St.), Alcone Beauty Supply (235 West 19th St.), and Woodley & Bunny (196 N. 10th St., Brooklyn).

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