A Day in the Life of a Makeup Mogul

July 25, 2012 | by —Jessica Ferri | Style & Beauty

Cindy Joseph is the CEO and founder of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, an organic makeup line that is 100 percent paraben- and phthalate-free. After working as a celebrity makeup artist for 25 years, Joseph was discovered as a model at the age of 49 and has appeared in major campaigns for designers like Dolce & Gabbana. Here’s a taste of her busy schedule and healthy lifestyle.

7:00 AM
I get up and do two sunrise salutations (yoga) in the bedroom. It wakes my body up and gets me limber and ready for the day. Then I head down to kitchen for a fruit smoothie or watermelon.

8:00 AM
I throw on my cargos and a T-shirt and go into my home office to work, starting with my customer service emails. I try to respond to every one of them. Next, I plan a phone call to the bee-keepers in Hawaii that supply my ingredients for many of the products in my line, followed by a Skype meeting with my web marketing team about our next “Saturday with Cindy” video.

11:00 AM
Check in with my bookers at Ford Models to get the details for my Target go-see this afternoon and find out if a booking we have been working on with a major magazine has confirmed, and if a clothing catalog job is shooting in NYC or out of town.

11:15 AM
I am ready to move my body! I jump rope 100 times and do a few push-ups just to get my blood circulating. Then I sit on my front porch and take in the nature around me before heading back to the kitchen to make a salad of celery, fresh corn, and garbanzo beans. I take that to the porch to eat, drink some water, and relax. It is so important to make my meals pleasurable and relaxing. 

12:45 PM
Get dressed up a bit and do my hair and makeup for a Target a go-see. One of the best parts of having a makeup line is that I know exactly what I'm going to use. 

2:00 PM
At my Target go-see, I meet other models I know and have a fun visit with them while waiting for my turn. Go-sees are often where I get turned on to what women are seeing, doing, and thinking about their age and beauty. I want to keep talking, but must head back out of town to avoid the traffic.

3:30 PM
I start my intense workout with my trainer Vadim at his private studio in Scarsdale. He takes me to an old basement to lift a heavy tire and slam a ball on a rope into the wall. Then I put on boxing gloves and get really winded. By the time I’m done, I'm covered in sweat and feel exhausted and spent and hungry!

5:30 PM
At home, I can now have a nice mellow visit with my fiancé and share how each of our days went. And since we live with three others (we love group living!), we chat with other housemates while preparing a dinner of vegetable casserole and salad. We eat on the porch and watch the sun set over the Hudson River. It is stunningly gorgeous. We have watermelon for dessert and a tiny bit of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt, which is a rare treat I succumb to from time to time. 

8:00 PM
We race into the living room to watch one of my favorite shows, So You Think You Can Dance!

9:30 PM
I finally take my shower and climb into bed for cuddling with my fiancé.

10:30 PM
I am sound asleep!

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