Gym Review: Peak Performance

March 07, 2012 | by —Mollie Campbell | Pursuits

Spring is officially peeking its head and the pressure to get in shape is on. To pull us out of our winter rut, we recently put in a workout at Midtown’s 10,000 square-foot Peak Performance studio.      

During our hour-long session, several of the gym’s certified trainers took us through a series of stations. We spent ten minutes at each stop, working on specific parts of the body. Each of the six rotations used different equipment, including classics like weighted medicine balls and tension bands, as well as the more advanced free-speed treadmill and Jacob’s Ladder, both of which move at the pace of the user. The variety of the workout made the hour fly by and left our heart racing and our muscles burning. We could almost feel the calories dissipating. 

To give his clients solid results, Peak Performance founder and CEO Joe Dowdell spent the last 16 years studying and perfecting the ideal workout routine. His bespoke brand of fitness begins with a physical assessment, wherein Peak’s conditioning specialists determine a personal program to fit each individual’s needs. From there, the one-on-one training begins. Single sessions are available ($150), but the Peak 90 Program ($8,020–$8,350), which spans 90 days, comprises 45 sessions, and includes meal plans, nutritional counseling, and six soft tissue recovery and regeneration sessions, is a no-excuses, full-throttle route to reaching “peak” condition. 54 W. 21st St., 212-229-3670

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