Girls Regular Alex Karpovsky Doubles Up at Tribeca Film

April 17, 2012 | by ANNA BEN YEHUDA | People & Parties

Alex Karpovsky in Rubberneck

Alex Karpovsky is no stranger to film festivals. Having appeared in films debuting at Sundance, Abu Dhabi, and Raindance, among others, the actor/director is now tackling the Tribeca Film Festival (TFF). We spoke with Karpovsky about his two Tribeca film debuts and his character on HBO's newest show, Girls.

You co-wrote, directed, edited, and starred in Rubberneck. What gave you the gumption to do all of that?
Rubberneck is my fourth movie, but it’s the first movie that isn’t a comedy. I wanted to do something different. I love thrillers, it’s my favorite genre as a viewer. So I always fantasized about making one, and finally, a little while ago, the opportunity manifested to make it in Boston with a filmmaker called Garth Donovan. It’s a slow-burning, character-driven, psychosexual thriller set in a laboratory on the outskirts of Boston.

What can you tell me about Supporting Characters, your other project, also premiering at TFF?
AK: Supporting Characters is a movie directed by Daniel Schechter. It’s a really funny, corky, moving comedy that focuses on two dudes, Nick and Darryl, who are film editors. While they’re sort of juggling the challenges of completing a film and working with a kind of problematic director, they’re also navigating through personal relationship issues, which come to the point of ripping their whole lives and friendship apart. I’m very curious to see how it plays at Tribeca.

What do you feel most comfortable working in, drama or comedy?
AK: Comedies. I don’t know why, but its sort of where I nurture more comfort and familiarity.
What can you tell me about Ray, your character on HBO’s Girls?
AK: Ray is a strange one. He basically tries to give the girls a sort of perspective. Even advice, at times, about their world view and their struggles and plights. But oftentimes, because of his own issues and his own anger, his words of advice and wisdom are anything but. And they’re just this tortured and very confused diatribes that have no applicability to these girls’ lives.

Rubberneck and Supporting Characters premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, April 20


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