How to Sip Bourbon, Properly

March 05, 2013 | by —Simona Rabinovitch | Homepage

Some spirits sing when mixed into a cocktail, others, as Don Draper disciples and whiskey enthusiasts will attest, make beautiful music on their own. Bulleit 10 bourbon, a fine whiskey aged in charred American white oak for ten years (as opposed to the usual five to eight years) is one of the latter. As the bourbon tale goes, Bulleit founder Tom Bulleit set aside a few barrels for ten years to see how the bourbon would develop. Upon discovering and enjoying the results, the small-batch whiskey distiller decided to share this special reserve with the public.

Distilled in small batches in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, the 91.2 proof selected reserve benefits from that extra time in the barrels—Bulleit 10 is unusually smooth, rich, and deep. Delicate floral notes are more rounded, with classic aromas of dried fruit, vanilla, and rich, toasty oak. Best of all, the overall taste is even more balanced and complex, while preserving the brand’s signature character and high rye content. To fully enjoy the flavor nuances of spice, caramel, and fruit, Bulleit suggests you do the following:  

Start with a clean palate. “Lingering flavors from food or other liquids can disrupt the tasting experience, inhibiting certain flavors and tasting notes from coming through.” 

Pour it neat or on the rocks. “We encourage our fans to enjoy Bulleit 10 in their own unique way. However, we suggest Bulleit 10 is best enjoyed as a sipping bourbon due to the age statement. The preferred pour is either neat or on the rocks in order to fully taste the flavor profile of the liquid.”

Add a splash of water. “Adding a small spoonful of water can open up the whiskey like never before.”

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