Creative Dinner Parties by Pinch Plated

April 05, 2013 | by —Simona Rabinovitch | Homepage

New Yorkers are studied in the art of throwing the perfect dinner party, but every host deserves a break now and then. For those times when you prefer not to get your hands dirty in the kitchen, enlist the help of Pinch Plated, a boutique catering service specializing in interactive dinner parties that, say founders Bob Spiegel and TJ Girard, encourages you to play with your food.

The brainchild of chef Spiegel’s and designer Girard’s creative catering company, Pinch Food Design, the new Pinch Plated propels the brand’s imaginative party hors d’oeuvres into a three-course dinner party setting for groups of all sizes. Actually, Spiegel calls his plates “intercourses,” because they invite guests to interact and have fun with their dinner. For example, tuna sushi and beets with “trim your own” micro salad is served in a peel-back sardine tin with embroidery scissors on the side. Meanwhile, a stacked dish of acorn squash risotto and boneless lamb chop with mint gelée and stewed kale is nestled beneath an “acorn cloche.” And hunks of beef filet are plated onto a piping hot rock alongside bamboo tongs, sauce Béarnaise, Brussels sprouts and truffled potatoes. You get the picture.

Creative tablescapes and inventive presentations are key. They call it “food furniture,” a marriage of design elements with servingware for true conversation pieces. “I think that event planners and caterers tend to not make the riskiest choices in food and design because they’re usually preparing an event for a large group of people,” says Spiegel. “If we can do something that pushes the envelope—does not seem too risky, yet is out on the edge with its presentation and robust flavors—then we’ve made an impact that will resonate with clients and their guests, and hopefully impact the catering industry as a whole.” 212-244-7000

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