Brunch Plans: Riverpark

July 27, 2012 | by —Jessica Ferri | Homepage

The farm at Riverpark

If you’re on the search for farm fresh fare in an outdoor setting, you won’t do much better than Riverpark, which boasts both alfresco seating and ingredients grown right next door. When plans for another Alexandria Center tower next to the restaurant fell through, Riverpark’s Sisha Ortúzar and Jeffrey Zurofsky decided to build their very own 15,000-square-foot farm on the open lot. According to a recent article in New York magazine, the mulch comes from Long Island and is mixed with roasted cocoa bean husks from Brooklyn’s Mast Brothers Chocolate. The result is a bountiful mixed salad featuring fourteen different plants, in addition to Riverpark’s brunch menu, including French toast and peaches, pulled pork chilaquiles, smoked trout cake, and more. If interested, you can visit the Riverpark farm at 430 E. 29th St.—there are tours every Tuesday at 12:30 PM—or take a workshop on planting. 450 E. 29th St., 212-729-9790

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