Alex Prager Goes Beyond Hitchcock

April 04, 2012 | by —Jessica Ferri | Homepage

Artist Alex Prager will open a new exhibit, "Compulsion," on April 5 at Yancey Richardson Gallery. The LA-born photographer and filmmaker is known for her Hitchcock-inspired scenes and ’60s-style saturated color photography. Her work has been popular with both the art and fashion crowds—you may remember her Birds-inspired campaign for Bottega Veneta.

At 33, Prager has already published two books and directed a short film, Despair, starring Bryce Dallas Howard. The new show includes a series of color photographs and a short film entitled La Petite Mort. Keeping in line with Prager's fascination with film, the new works were inspired by late ’20s classics Metropolis and Un Chien Andalou. The exhibit will be shown simultaneously in LA, New York, and London from April 5 to May 12. 525 West 22nd St., 646-230-9610

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