A Day in the Life of a Pilates Guru

July 18, 2012 | Homepage

Brooke Siler, named one of the top pursued trainers by Vogue magazine, author of the New York Times best-selling book The Pilates Body, and owner of the celeb haven re:AB Pilates in NoHo, gives us a glimpse into her daily life in NYC.

6:30 AM
If my husband and I haven’t been woken up by one of our sons yet then this is my normal waking hour—no alarm needed. As a natural ‘morning person’ I don’t need coffee to get me started. A few stretches in bed and I’m ready for action! We immediately tag-team and start getting the kids ready for their camps. My 8 year-old has ADHD, so his routine is very orderly and involves checklists. He’s out the door with dad at 7:21 AM. My 6 year-old and I get a little more time together before heading out at 8 AM.

9:00 AM
Arrive at my little one’s soccer camp in Central Park and, if no rush, I sit on a towel and take in the morning air. A little tweet of gratitude, then answer tweet-peeps who write me @BSilerPilates, interspersed with cheers of ‘Go! Go! Go!’ at my charging boy.

Train it down to my studio, re:AB Pilates (since 1997!), and do my walk-through, saying ‘Hellos’ to all and making sure things are in order. Into the back office to get caught up on yesterday and readying for today.

11:40 AM
Pilates workout to get the body on track for my two shoots this week! If there’s an apprentice around to teach me, I’ll rope them into giving me a session for their practice. If not, I give myself a tough workout anyway.

12:40 AM
Food! I usually pop out and grab a lentil salad (add grilled chicken breast, please) from Le Pain Quotidien down the block.

1:00 PM
Work with the apprentices in my Pilates Teacher Training Program by watching them teach non-paying client ‘bodies’ as we call them (not so P.C., I know!) and give them feedback and tips to increase the efficiency of the Pilates workout for the client. (If you’re interested in being a client ‘body’ for one of these free sessions, no experience is needed. In fact, the newer the better. Contact us at training@reABnyc.com)

3:00 PM
Shoot for LXTV. During the segment, I demo various Pilates exercises for getting toned for summer. The producer would also like to incorporate ‘Pilates moves you can do while sitting in a chair.’ Later this week I shoot for HollywoodLife.com, which will be similar stuff—minus the chair—and with a celebrity bend.

Downtime for me in the studio is always spent fraternizing with the clients, teachers, and cleaning. My studio mantra: ‘If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean!’

5:30 PM  
Train Women’s Health editor in chief [Michele Promaulayko]. I haven’t taken on regular clients (meaning regular standing weekly bookings) for two years, but I do make exceptions for extraordinary people, and this awesome woman is one of the exceptions.

7:00 PM
Home to relieve the sitter, eat dinner, and hang with my little men. My older son gets home rewards from camp and almost without exception chooses a 10 minute massage from mommy. Love that! So here I am, massaging. 

8:00 PM
The boys are in bed and I read them a book or two.

8:30 PM
Lights out now, but I lay on their bedroom floor to tweet and check emails with my phone’s brightness setting on dim.

Downtime with the hubby. Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show sometimes followed by a movie and often canoodling on the couch.

10:30 PM  

P.S. For every day that takes me hour-to-hour, like this one, I try to take a recharge day to work from home, research, write, and reflect. 

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