2013 Predictions for New York

January 02, 2013 | by —Jill Sieracki | Homepage

Thomas John  

The 1999 film The Sixth Sense introduced “I see dead people” into America’s vernacular, but for intuitive Thomas John, the ability to communicate with those who have passed is far from just a catchphrase—it’s a life-long gift. Now, he’s bringing his abilities as a psychic medium to New Yorkers, including Courteney Cox, Donny Deutsch, and Jennifer Lopez, through programs at the city’s Meta Center and through private readings arranged via his website, MediumThomas.com. “I always tell people I don’t know why the dead people picked me but I’m glad that they did,” says John.

John walked away from his gift as a teen, only returning to it after studying psychology and neuroimaging at the University of Chicago. Following graduation, he worked for several years at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Austen Riggs Center in Stockton, Massachusetts, an institution for those with serious psychological disorders where John was attune to the “intense energy” at the facility. “We really didn’t have a lot of deaths in my family up until then,” he says of that period in his life. “My dad’s dad had passed away before I was born and my mom had a brother and a sister that had also passed before I was born so they were some of the spirits that would visit me. But it’s different when you actually knew someone, so in that period of six months I had three deaths. That was the turning point where I left that career thinking I was going to do research and go the other way.”

John moved to New York and started attending events at the Meta Center, and went to see famed medium John Edwards. He launched his career by doing readings at parties, which lead to guests requesting private readings; his practice further grew through word of mouth. “The reason people come I think is for validation purposes,” says John, an affable Ben Affleck lookalike. “Anybody can say I swear my grandmother watches over me, but it’s nice when you can go to someone who doesn’t have any clue of who you are or who you’ve lost or what you do in life and they start spitting out this stuff.”

However, John is quick to recognize that his industry doesn’t necessarily come in the highest regard. “It’s just like any other field—there’s people that suck at their job and somehow they make a living at it,” he laughs. “I think it’s unfortunate because sometimes we get more of the bad wrap of those people, like the Sylvia Brownes.”  

Here, he uses his psychic abilities to offer predictions for New York in 2013:

The Mayoral Race: I’m feeling like it’s Anthony Weiner, which I know is kind of out there, but it’s what I keep seeing.

Positive Growth Post-Sandy: I did see lots of plans and contracts being drawn up and actual agreements related to things being built from Sandy. I don’t know if it’s more like floodwalls or something around the perimeter, but I did feel like there was something actually drawn up.

Threat Level: I still feel like we’re not out of the water as far as terrorism. I feel like there will be another attack here, but I don’t feel it will be as significant at all as 9/11. And it’s not one of these thwarted things that I predicted last year and which happened this past fall. There will be something and there may be a few casualties unfortunately, under 10 or 12.

A Good Year for the Yankees: We are going to have some kind of major championship here with one of our teams. I keep feeling like it is baseball, so I feel like we are going to win the World Series next year. Sorry, I don’t see it being the Mets.

Bloomberg’s Next Chapter: The mayor, I don’t feel him running for president. He’ll be around but I don’t see him holding office after he leaves City Hall.

Big Apple Blockbuster: I’m feeling that next year New York will be involved with a record breaker as far as movies go. It’s going to surpass Titanic and Avatar in regards to box office sales; it’s going to be closer to the billion-dollar mark.

Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee: The Governor I do feel like he’ll marry Sandra Lee in the next three years, not in 2013, but I do feel like they will get married.  

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