Luke Kirby's Favorite Cocktail

June 04, 2012 | by —jennifer demeritt | Food & Drink News

Enjoy your hurricane with New Orleans-style crawfish

“I was having a wonderful time with my girlfriend in New Orleans,” reminisces actor Luke Kirby about his favorite summer libation, the hurricane. “It was one of those twilight evenings in the French Quarter, with a fireplace and beautiful old courtyards.” (At home in Brooklyn, he enjoys the Double Windsor’s take on the sweet, fruity concoction.) But there’s a reason why Kirby calls the cocktail, which packs a one-two punch of light and dark rums, a “dangerous pink drink.”

“People introduced a friend of mine to hurricanes, and he was the happiest kid in the candy store,” he recalls. “Then something horrible came over him.”

There’s a similar tension between sweetness and danger in Kirby’s new movie, Take This Waltz, written and directed by the acclaimed Sarah Polley and starring Golden Globe winner Michelle Williams as a winsome writer slowly suffocating in her candy-colored world. Kirby’s performance brings a prickly volatility to the story. “There’s an immediate heat between them,” he says of his and Williams’ characters. “But there’s a marriage involved; they can’t just do what they want.”

Asked to explain his affinity for this complicated story of desire and denial, Kirby says, “I’m generally thought of as a nice, shy person. But whatever you’re holding in has to go somewhere. Where better than the land of fiction?” Take This Waltz opens June 29 in theaters citywide; The Double Windsor, 210 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, 347-725-3479


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