Views of Lamberston Truex's stunning store.

How does the creation process work at Lambertson Truex?
JOHN TRUEX: We design together and separately, so our collection reflects both our personalities. Richard can start a design, then I’ll pick it up and finish it; or I’ll sketch a boot and Richard will sketch a pump to work with it. Richard likes the “colorful” side of things—more is more. I’m more streamlined—less is more. It’s a perfect balance.

Tell us about your fall/winter collection.
JT: Times Square… 1959… 12:15 A.M. There’s a romantic mystery and a volume to LT fall 2008. The designs are sleek and elegant, soft and bold. This balance feels so sexy and mysterious.

What are some of your favorite pieces this season?
JT: I love the Mia bag in black haircalf. It’s so lean and architectural. The new hardware design on it is something we did 10 years ago, but we held on to it until it was right. This was the moment to introduce it.
RICHARD LAMBERTSON: I love clutches, and this season we designed one that I’m crazy for. It’s called the Paxton. I love it in the ring lizard, and it’s also wonderful in the leopard texture.

Your store on Madison is stunning. Who designed it?
JT: Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown of Tsao & McKown are great friends of ours, and we’ve been talking with them since we started our business in 1998. Richard spent a lot of time collecting special pieces of furniture and objects to make our store more of a personal experience. We wanted our friends and customers to enter our boutiques and feel like they’re entering our home.

Each season you have such a rich color palette—what inspires it?
JT: We’re often in Florence working on our collections. The resources there are amazing; the shades of blue and violet in the Tuscan sky are endless!

Do you take trends into account?
RL: We like to think that we follow our own trends. When we design, we always think about the customer, and it always comes back to timeless luxury. Nothing is more exciting than rediscovering an old friend. With our bags, you wear; you carefully put away; and then you rediscover. This is luxury, and this is what inspires us.

Lambertson Truex, 692 Madison Avenue, 212-750-4895.

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