Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art,” Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote. Had the poet-philosopher been familiar with the work of the experts in our fi rst-ever wellness feature, he might have considered them artists in their own right. Read on for the best ways to feel beautiful—inside and out.



Susan Ciminelli Day Spa & Salon

Specialty: Face and body therapies using mostly natural ingredients that give you that famous “Susan Ciminelli glow” and her youth-preserving seawater elixir
Signature procedure: Aromatherapy facial, a one-hour customized facial that deep cleans pores and nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates the face and neck
Notable clients: A “Page Six” tear sheet of celebs (Jennifer Lopez), movie producers (Nancy Meyers), models (Christy Turlington Burns, Kate Moss) and Bergdorf blondes (Pia Getty)
Fun fact: Ciminelli began learning about combining Eastern and Western health philosophies when she lived with relatives in Italy at age 15. The rest is history. 120 E. 56th St.; susanciminelli.com

Perricone MD

Specialty: Pioneered the theory that inflammation is the root of such skin evils as wrinkles, impurities (acne, rosacea) and dullness. His skincare line and diet emphasize antioxidants and essential fatty acids (especially those in salmon) as countermeasures.
Signature product: Cold Plasma cream, which addresses 10 signs of aging. (Eva Mendes is a fan, we’re told.)
Notable clients: Perricone no longer practices, but rumor has it he formerly tended to Uma Thurman and Courteney Cox Arquette.
Fun fact: Perricone holds patents for “electronic countermeasures” that allow combat aircraft to fight off enemy attacks (no joke). Visit perriconemd.com.

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