A look from Jack Olive

A much-needed antidote to the ubiquitous hipster looks lining Soho’s storefronts arrived this spring in the form of Jack Olive’s flagship. The men’s clothing line builds on preppy style, infusing classic favorites with new life.

“The foundation of the collection is cricketinspired, but with a fashion twist,” says the store’s brand manager , Jordan Cohen. “It’s certainly not classic in a true sense, as the use of color is very ‘today’.” Indeed, Jack’s wares are prep-school casual—seersucker jackets, woven shirts, pastel cashmere knits and patterned ties, to name a few—but the bright, often unexpected palettes indicate that these togs are not intended for the stodgy wardrobe of an aging Oxford alum. Cohen hopes to prove that “menswear can be fun, through mischievous use of color and an eye for detail.”

ltimately though, it’s timeless quality that Jack Olive seeks to bring to men’s fashion and to Soho. Keep an eye out for more locations—the brand soon plans to expand into various other New York neighborhoods. 87 Mercer St., 212-966-9692; jackolive.com

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