Ten years after joining the Salvatore Ferragamo Group as a knitwear designer in the men’s department, 39-year-old fashion designer Massimiliano Giornetti has been named creative director for the brand. The role charges him with guiding the style development for all the product categories of the Salvatore Ferragamo Group, including shoes, leather goods, accessories and RTW apparel. It’s no small task—the Florence-based fashion empire employs more than 2,600 in more than 570 stores worldwide (he’s overseeing all global marketing initiatives, too).

It’s a challenge Giornetti is ready for. “I was thrilled to be named creative director earlier this year,” he says, “and am so honored by the confidence that the Ferragamo family and company have entrusted in me to bring the brand and legacy to new heights of success.”

Following his stint in the knitwear arena, he was named creative director of menswear for Ferragamo Italy in 2004, then, in January 2010, creative director for the women’s lines as well. This fall, his first womenswear collection for the brand launches.

His take on outfitting men versus women? “I have always thought men are more static than women,” he notes. “Men’s fashion history offers a very small number of pieces, which have changed relatively little over the years, becoming softer and at times exploring territories that are not traditionally masculine.” Women, he says, offer more creative opportunities, as designers are better able to push limits in regard to styles, themes and even color options.

Giornetti is excited to test those boundaries within Ferragamo’s fashion worldview. “I have an innate sense of the Ferragamo brand, which has allowed me to be very successful thus far,” he says. “I hope my work will continue to contribute to the success of a [style] that is so established.” ferragamo.com

Massimiliano Giornetti's Style CV

Giornetti was born October 29, 1971, in the small Tuscan city of Carrara, famous for its marble.

After studying foreign language and literature at the University of Florence, he spent a year in Rome as an assistant designer for the ready-towear and haute couture collections of Anton Giulio Grande.

He trained with three top design schools: Florence’s Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing in collaboration with London’s College of Fashion and New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Though currently based in Florence, Giornetti has several NYC favorites: dancing at Le Bain at The Standard hotel, late-night meals at Café Carlyle and roaming around Soho, his favorite neighborhood.

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