5. Sofia Vergara

Since we’re exploring the va-va-voom moments of Sunday night’s Golden Globes, we might as well use this opportunity to explore the va-va-voomest. Modern Family’s Vergara is no stranger to the curve-hugging mermaid gown: At September’s Emmy Awards, many fashion pundits placed Vergara at the top of their best-dressed lists for her coral Vera Wang one-shoulder mermaid gown, perfection in its color, even more so for its exquisite fit on Vergara’s, shall we say, assets. So if it ain’t broke, right? For the Golden Globes Vergara partnered up with Wang again, this time opting for a custom strapless mermaid gown with a knife-pleated bodice and swirling bias flange skirt, all in a lusciously rich shade of deep peacock blue, which she then paired with $5 million in Harry Winston jewelry. You have to possess a supreme amount of confidence to wear such a dress; for Vergara, it’s just another Sunday night.

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