From political meetings to performances by celebrated artists like Eartha Kitt and Liza Minnelli, The Plaza hotel has been a certified landmark on New York City’s cultural landscape since the early 1900s. Joining the distinguished ranks at the celebrated institution is Italian menswear maestro Angelo Galasso, who has occupied the hotel’s former Edwardian Room, originally a men’s-only café, since April 2012.

“The Plaza, and especially the Edwardian room, is a cultural landmark that perfectly represents our ethos—a tradition of evolution,” says Galasso of the location that joins the designer’s other international outposts in London, Milan, and Moscow. However, the New York space feels decidedly unique, featuring the room’s original Spanish revival architecture and luxe, Italian furniture. “It has always been a dream of mine to have a house in the hotel where Truman Capote had his legendary [Black and White] masked ball—easily the most stylish event of all time. The Plaza, like us, is always evolving and yet always staying true to its unrivaled tradition.”

New this month, the Plaza location will debut Unico, a made-to-measure service in a special, dedicated area that will house the finest garments the brand has to offer. Completely sewn by hand, every suit will be precisely assembled by a team of six and will offer an array of bespoke details such as special pockets for cigars.

Women will also be able to don Galasso’s custom-tailored suits for the first time. Looking beyond trends, Galasso believes that tailoring is key in designing for women, specifically in regards to his white tuxedo, a daring, yet subtle way for a New York woman to exude power and sophistication. 768 Fifth Ave., 212-371-4400

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