FROM TOP LEFT: Alexandra Lebenthal, Tatiana Platt, William Macklowe, Scott Feldman, Adrienne Arsht, Gigi Stone, June Ambrose, Richard Kirshenbaum, Jean Shafiroff, and Jason Hirschhorn

In New York City having power means everything. Gotham tasked 10 of Manhattan’s most influential industry leaders to each select 10 power players to watch in their respective fields in 2013. Bloomberg Television’s Gigi Stone reports on billionaires daily and is well positioned to note its top earners. Financial expert Alexandra Lebenthal opens up her coveted Rolodex and divulges who wields the real influence: those with money and those who oversee it. Having just closed major deals at 386 Park Avenue South and 110 University Place, real estate whiz William Macklowe took the time to eye the ever-changing skyline. There are the movers and the shakers, and then there are those who yield power and use it to do good; one of the first ladies of philanthropy, Jean Shafiroff, admires her counterparts, noting that in the new year, it is indeed more powerful to give than to receive. Tatiana Platt, who keeps tabs on where the social set roams on her buzzy website FameGame, shares a list of noteworthy guest list must-have names. Having just had a stage at Lincoln Center named in her honor, Adrienne Arsht knows which performers need to be in her contact list. When it comes to fashion, there are stylists and then there is June Ambrose, who knows her Prada from her Proenza Schouler (and notes that the latter duo is one to watch). Building an empire one brand at a time is what Madboy author Richard Kirshenbaum is known for, and he’s eyeing Emanuele Della Valle and David Lauren, who are expanding their parents’ legendary brands in new, socially creative ways. From what we eat to where we dine, Scott Feldman has his pulse on what’s next in a city driven to find the next gourmet great. As the former copresident of MySpace and the lead in introducing the innovative entertainment device Slingbox, Jason Hirschhorn knows who dominates the tech scene. The following pages contain each person’s list; as winter moves into spring, be sure to keep this on the ready because these are the 100 New Yorkers everyone will be talking about.


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