FROM LEFT: Mischa Barton; James Francis Ginty and Sarah Bradford

This guy is a hospitality mogul—a 21st century César Ritz. He’s slick and women fall for his lust for life. (It’s the lust that interests me, n’est-ce pas?) His background is checkered but that didn’t stop him from marrying up the social ladder. Let’s call him “A.”

She’s the girl next door as long as you’re on the Upper East Side between Fifth and Park. Her pedigree is long and true. Her family has money but not enough to make her pretty. Let’s call her “B.”

It wasn’t “B”’s beauty that interested “A” but her connections and money. He swept her off her feet and down the aisle. “B” thought they were happy until “A” started working late—very late. Then “A” seduced “B” into a coke habit and the next thing she knew they were in bed with expensive call girls.

B” tired of the fast lane and the couple started a family. Time has passed and “A” has made it but “B” is miserable. “A”’s not home much anymore and madams on both coasts tattle that he’s joined swingers groups in NYC and LA (and that’s not a dance routine from the ’50s). “B”’s had enough and is seeing a lawyer— let’s call him “C”—whose reputation as a shark is well-deserved. “B” wants half of “A”’s empire, and she just might get it.

Thrills and Chills
Paper Street Film’s Austin Stark, Bingo Gubelmann and Benji Kohn didn’t let Mischa Barton’s health woes dampen the opening of their new film Homecoming, a thriller that stars Barton as a psycho ex beauty queen. Among those on hand were James Francis Ginty, When the Devil Comes star Sarah Bradford, Jamie Johnson, writer and director Robert Siegel, whose film Big Fan featuring Serafina Fiore was shot at HeadQuarters, the club she manages, and Ashley and Andrea Stark.

Animal Attraction
Beth Ostrosky Stern was among the celebrities supporting Paws for Style, which benefited The Humane Society of New York. The event, founded by Animal Fair’s Wendy Diamond, featured Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff and rescued pooch Randy. Gossip Girl’s Matthew Settle and his dog Jackie O and Frances Hayward, flanked by Cavalier King Charles spaniels named Cornelia and Brooke, also attended.

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