We catch up with Emmy Rossum, the star of Showtime's new show Shameless, who plays William H. Macy’s promiscuous oldest daughter, Fiona Gallagher.


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On her fictional family: “They can hardly keep the electricity on and pay the bills, but they’re fiercely loyal and have such a sense of community—and they really, really love breaking the law. They’re unabashedly in your face, very ‘This is who we are, and if you don’t like it, suck it.’ I haven’t usually been cast as such a feisty character, so it’s fun to be playing an opinionated woman who has such an internal vulnerability.”

Showtime's girl power: “Showtime as a network, they really care about showing interesting female characters—Weeds, The Big C, Nurse Jackie. I always try to pick the best material, and this just felt like the no-brainer.”

Growing up privileged versus playing poor: “Even though I went to [Spence], I never considered myself part of that world. I always felt like the odd man out. So if anything, wearing no makeup and being around people who are passionate about the same things I’m passionate about—which is how I started, as a freakishly musically interested kid who wound up at the opera at 7—I feel right at home.”

NYC favorites: “I’m gluten-free, so I really like Tully’s Bakery in the East Village. I love Babycakes. I like this little restaurant called Cucina Di Pesce. I like walking around Washington Square Park. I love 16 Handles, the yogurt place—so freaking good. I love the Frick Museum—sometimes they do concerts on Sundays; it’s so pretty and peaceful with all the art. I take dance classes at Peridance. I’m all over the place.…”


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