A sure sign of an actress’ promise is when she can secure a role with a one-take audition. When she can land a lead in an Oscar-caliber film with a video audition taken on a cell phone, she’s definitely something special.

In this case the promising actress, Clémence Poésy, is not only beautiful, but also insanely talented. And the role? Rana in the Oscar-nominated 127 Hours. “I got the script, and because there were all these flashbacks in the film, it just made sense to do the tape very roughly at home like that,” she says. “I got a phone call from Danny [Boyle] a week later, we met for lunch and I started shooting the next day.”

Poésy on Potter
Poésy certainly makes an impression—on fashion followers who know her as the former face of Chloé fragrance (along with Chloë Sevigny and Anja Rubik) and on the myriad Harry Potter fans who cheer for her as Fleur Delacour in the blockbuster series. The final installment of the franchise, Harry Potter and the Dealthly Hallows: Part 2, comes out this summer, and Poésy was delighted to reprise her role.

“Filming Harry Potter never felt like work; I just got to visit a beautiful set each day and look at what the amazing team had created,” she says. “Every single detail was just magical, all the way down to the stamps on the letters hidden in the drawers. The kids who love the films would be in complete awe over
how much heart the team put into every set.”

At one point, Poésy had aspirations of being a costume designer. Her father, a theater actor and director, provided her first acting job as a child. “I still have dreams of other jobs,” she muses. “I feel very lucky right now because I have this wonderful opportunity to do two or three films a year, which gives me the time and financial security
to explore other fields.”

Currently she’s taking a well-deserved break to hang out with friends, several of whom may be hosting their own fashion shows. “I feel really privileged to have a group of friends where we all have each other’s backs and we support one another,” says Poésy. “Life is complicated enough, and friends are there to make it softer and better. And we laugh a lot! That’s so important.”


  • What qualities do you respect most in a man or a woman?
    Kindness and humor

  • What are your favorite NYC activities?
    Going to concerts at places like Webster Hall and tiny cafés on the Lower East Side; visiting museums, especially MOMA; taking pictures with my friends in photo booths at bars

  • If you were to live in NYC, where would it be?
    The Lower East Side

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