To Lewis Miller, flowers are an essential part of life—especially, he says, for someone living in New York. Born and raised in California farm country, he grew up with a keen appreciation of nature. At 18 he moved to Seattle, where he studied horticulture and landscape design, but it wasn’t long before he decided it was time to test his expertise in New York. “There’s something about bringing nature to an urban environment that I love,” he says.

Once in New York, Miller collaborated with Russell Labosky (now art director of Interview magazine) and launched LMD Floral Events Interiors in the East Village.

“My style is modern and old-fashioned at the same time,” he says. “I kept seeing so much stuff that was contrived or overmanipulated. I wanted to show that classic and traditional [floral design] doesn’t have to be uptight.”

Now, seven years after opening LMD, he’s a go-to source for floral design— from Vogue photo shoots to parties (Jessica Seinfeld and Annie Leibovitz have been clients) and high-profile weddings. But regardless of occasion, he stays true to his roots and his aesthetic. “Nature is always a part of the design,” he says. “That doesn’t mean just flowers everywhere. It’s about creating a mood. I want people to step into a party and feel like they aren’t in New York anymore—that they’ve left the city for five hours of fun.” LMD Floral Events Interiors, 437 East 12th Street, 212-614-2734;

The Cloisters—one of the most peaceful, beautiful places in the city.
Activity: Running from the West Village across to the West Side piers and down through Battery Park City.
Stores: Tiny Manhattan hardware stores—I always find what I need. Shopping at Bergdorf Goodman the day of Pridefest. Everything is on sale and I don’t have to fight the other queens

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