The idea of the book To India With Love: From New York to Mumbai was first conceived around a drink at the Pen-Top bar in New York. As we are good friends and share the same affection toward India, we decided to collaborate on a labor of love project with our profits going directly back to India. We formed Mumbai We Got Your Back (WGYB) and started to work on our fund-raising project.

We all agreed that a book was the best outlet for the project, and through Mortimer’s friendship with Prosper Assouline, we pitched him the idea and he said yes on the spot. In fact, the idea of a scrapbook was actually his. The medium acts as a visual showcase for collective recollections and makes the project more authentic and personal. As the book took shape, we decided to incorporate entries from celebrities and recognized individuals who had also been to India and had something to say, took pictures or revealed their reflections in other forms of art. The book then took on a life of its own. The momentum was so vigorous that from our first conversation to the finished product, the entire project took about six months.

The mission behind WGYB is to raise spirits, awareness and funds by leveraging the creative arts to draw attention to the beautiful places, cultures and people of traumatized regions. By creating this book, we are doing just that. Mumbai, we got your back!

To India With Love: From New York to Mumbai is available at Visit

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