GEMINI 5.21–6.21
You’re fascinating, and everybody wants to know what you’re doing. With Saturn squaring you, it’s time to buckle down.

CANCER 6.22–7.22
Tie up loose ends in June because July puts you in the spotlight. Accept invites and do some entertaining yourself.

LEO 7.23–8.22
Practice an abundance mantra: “I already have everything I need.” Feeling complete will increase your gravity.

VIRGO 8.23–9.22
Mercury places you in a perfect position to express yourself. Put forth your own ideas and support will follow.

LIBRA 9.23–10.22
July puts you at the top of the social list, but don’t let it confl ict with work obligations. A connection with someone far away draws your attention.

SCORPIO 10.23–11.21
Your life looks enviable to other people, so start enjoying it yourself. Relax into the positive.

SAGITTARIUS 11.22–12.21
Full moons turn you into a maniac. Pay attention to when they occur and forego certain activities—like drinking.

CAPRICORN 12.22–1.19
Carrying everyone’s load can become tiresome, but you’re due for some rest and relaxation. Take time to soothe your soul.

AQUARIUS 1.20–2.18
Jupiter in your fi rst house brings good luck. Make it a point to count your blessings and have an attitude of gratitude.

PISCES 2.19–3.20
You may have to be a peacemaker, but keep an emotional distance. You could use some levity in your life, and July will bring opportunities to celebrate.

ARIES 3.21–4.19
June’s full moon can bring a dispute to the forefront; be sure to make your point with a subdued demeanor.

TAURUS 4.20–5.20
Tackle the list of things you’ve been putting off. The stars are right to give you the vitality and direction to get them done.



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