Federico Castelluccio and Paul Sorvino in Lily of the Feast

After going to school for painting, Federico Castelluccio took a different (and more gangster) turn: He spent six years playing Furio Giunta on HBO’s award-winning drama The Sopranos. After his role in the reigning mob series, Castelluccio directed and starred in the short film Lily of the Feast, penned by attorneyturned-screenwriter Michael Ricigliano and set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the 1970s. “It’s about a guy slowly finding out about himself and his father through people around him who are in the mob,” Castelluccio says. “There’s a lot of dark humor that comes out of the drama, like on The Sopranos. You have this serious subject matter, and all of a sudden you’re just dying laughing— no pun intended.”

After a screening of the film in New York, the feedback was so positive that Castelluccio and crew decided to make it into a feature-length film, which is currently in the works. Paul Sorvino is also in on the project. “When he first saw the rough cut, he was laughing in the right spots, and he turned to me and said, ‘This is as good as Goodfellas,’” Castelluccio says. “That’s a huge compliment coming from him.” No kidding. lilyofthefeast.com

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