Samantha Yanks and Dani Stahl at the opening of La Petite Mais

At a Loss for Words

When we were working on our March issue, it was in the throes of a blizzard so intense it was described as a “snowpocalypse.” The vocabulary mash-up made me realize how sensitive I am to the English language. I came to the conclusion that words like “curate,” “haute” and “chic” have become terribly overused, while descriptors such as “charming,” “elegant” and “refined” aren’t being used nearly enough. True, “chic” has fewer letters than “charming,” but even when conversation is limited to a 140-character tweet, I think it might be worth the splurge.

When I look back at my first editor-in-chief letter, which was for this very Spring Fashion issue one year ago, it was twice as long as I plan this one to be. My background was as a fashion editor, not as a fashion journalist, so upon being given the prized column inches I wrote and wrote, on and on and on. When I reread it now, I can’t imagine any of our readers neared the end of it.

Today I value the space on a page differently, choosing my words more carefully. I won’t give everything away as I did the first time; now I understand that if you’ve gotten this far you’d like to delve in and keep reading about stylish New Yorkers like Reed Krakoff, Amar’e Stoudemire and Alina Cho, captivating new eateries like Beauty & Essex and Weather Up Tribeca, or exciting trends like the gallery-quality art collections tucked inside our city’s many charming hotels. And the fact that this issue also calso celebrates Gotham’s tenth anniversary, well, that just leaves me at a loss for words.




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