Game On

IT’S THAT TIME of year in New York when the winter chill has given way to sun-drenched days and about the only thing on everyone’s mind is figuring out ways to get outside and enjoy them. April marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which reminds us that our outdoor playground must be taken care of so that we can enjoy that very simple pleasure. In New York, the green generation is an impressive lot; they’ve made environmental responsibility a commitment rather than a trend.

Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown, New York event planner David Stark, green guru Danny Seo and 20 other noteworthy locals from Russell Simmons to Mario Batali share their know-how on sustainable living, clean eco-conscious behavior and farm-to-table eating.

Exceptional and high-profi le real estate takes center stage in our Estate of Mind section. From signifi cant sales to standout female brokers, the face of real estate in New York is evolving and there’s always something au courant. We talk to the masters about how to sell it and the distinguished and pragmatic interior designers on how to decorate it.

Photography duo Markus Klinko and Indrani beckon us to their fantastical world on the new Bravo show Double Exposure. In this issue, they take us behind their lenses to show us the worlds of Teresa Palmer, Annabel Vartanian, Francesca Hammerstein and Rebecca Naomi Jones.

Spring is here, summer is just around the corner and we’re ready to play ball. Calm and collected, our cover star Alex Rodriguez—“the best all-around player in baseball”—is looking to replicate the success of the Yankees’ last season.

And if you think my last name is an indication of what team I’m rooting for, you’re correct.



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