ARIES 3.21–4.19
Venus, Mercury, and the sun shine their light on you this month. You give off sparks of excitement that electrify others.

TAURUS 4.20–5.20
Finances and career issues become clear after April 9. Saturn gives you the discipline to put things in order.

GEMINI 5.21–6.20
Seek advice from authority figures before making a change. This may be a good time to undergo such a move, but only after careful consideration.

CANCER 6.21–7.22
The full moon can make you a bit weepy on April 8 and 9. Stay calm and concentrate on a new idea at work instead.

LEO 7.23–8.22
Aries brings you energy and optimism, but Saturn urges you to be prudent with finances. The best opportunities won’t arise until later.

VIRGO 8.23–9.22
Keep your sense of humor the night of April 8, and don’t let Saturn cause you to take things too seriously. Everything is going in the right direction.

LIBRA 9.23–10.22
Three planets in your fifth house highlight romance, especially with Aries’ influence. Doors open for love in the least expected places.

SCORPIO 10.23–11.21
The full moon can put you in a dither. Center yourself with Zen thoughts.

SAGITTARIUS 11.22–12.21
You stand out when it comes to charming the opposite sex. Take the first steps to get that relationship going.

CAPRICORN 12.22–1.20
You’ll take center stage as Pluto moves into your sign. Follow instincts that command you to reach a higher level at work.

AQUARIUS 1.21–2.18
Present proposals to those in power, and expect a positive response. People will notice you with renewed interest.

PISCES 2.19–3.20
Unique and original ideas are coming to you. Act on them, and express yourself in unusual ways.

The moon in Libra makes you overly sentimental— think of this time as an emotional high tide.

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