Samantha Brown at Birdbath Bakery

Travel Channel host Samantha Brown has journeyed far and wide, but here, she lets us in on her fave eco-delights nearby.

Sugar Hill Harlem Inn
A solar-powered B&B in one of Manhattan’s most historic areas, the Inn uses all-organic food, eco-friendly cleaning products and practices composting. Plus, each room has its own unique décor. I want to stay the night even though I live in the city. 460 W. 141st St., 212-234-5432;

Odd Twin
This is vintage “reused” clothing at its most stylish. I live nearby, I can walk—making it even more earth-friendly. 164 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, 718-633-8946.

Added Value Red Hook Community Farm
The mission here isn’t to grow just tomatoes and lettuces, but young leaders as well. The nonprofit empowers the youth of south Brooklyn while turning vacant lots into places of pride, beauty and bounty. Visit

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority
The MTA is a clean, (largely) reliable and affordable 24-hour eco-friendly masterpiece. One need only sit in the choking traffi c of São Paulo, Beijing or Bangkok to realize what Gotham could have been like. Visit

Bash the Trash
This group of artists/educators does its part to raise environmental awareness by inspiring people to make instruments out of trash and recycled materials and by taking its message to schools, festivals and museums. It teaches everyone to get creative while learning about the environment. Visit

Applewood Restaurant
One of my favorites. Applewood has a deliciously informative Meet-the-Farmer Night, with dinners centered on the meat or produce of a particular supplier. Guests also have the opportunity to speak with the farmer—along with Applewood’s chef—during and after the meal. 501 11th St., Brooklyn, 718-788-1810;

The Hudson River Park Bike Path
I lived in Tribeca for eight years and biked this path when it was just a narrow band of concrete along the West Side Highway. To see what it’s become—vibrant landscaping, flowering trees—brings tears to my eyes. It’s a verdant testament to what NYC is capable of.

The Green Police
NYC has its own green police force in the Department of Environmental Protection. Dedicated to nabbing “dirty criminals” who break environmental laws—they help implement the requirements of the Clean Air Act of 1990—like trucks with high carbon emissions, they respond to more than 15,000 code complaints each year.

Birdbath Bakery
I may not be improving my waistline by indulging at this eco-friendly bakery— which opened a location in the landmark Vesuvio Bakery spot and has walls made of wheat, cups made of corn and shelves made of recycled paper—but I am helping the green business community. 160 Prince St., 212-612-3066.

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