Mick Walsdorf and Jon Kully of FLAnk

Postmodern experiments in luxury living are the playthings of FLAnk, an architecture and development firm founded in 2002 when Jon Kully, 34, and Mick Walsdorf, 32, took their Columbia University graduate school thesis—building a new model for an upstart architecture firm—and applied it to the real world. That plan called for FLAnk to become involved in real estate design, development and sales. “We knew no one was going to hire us to design new construction in Manhattan,” Walsdorf says. “So we had to hire ourselves.” Would the plan hatched in the halls of Columbia work today? “It would be very tough for a firm to get started in this market,” Walsdorf admits. But with two strikingly unique projects—a seven-story copper-covered fortress on West 12th Street and a 15-story glass-and-metal sliver near Sutton Place—nearing the finish line, the FLAnk offensive is well underway. Visit flankonline.com

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