Danny Seo and Kelly Killoren Bensimon; Low-maintenence houseplants; Towels that help ease the Earth’s fatigue

Green-living expert Danny Seo turns Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s apartment into an eco-responsible abode.

Pick Do-Nothing Plants
Houseplants do a fantastic job of naturally purifying the air inside your home. But if you have more of a brown thumb than a tendency toward master gardening, choose low-maintenance plants like succulents, cacti and ivies, which need minimal watering. In fact, the less you fuss over these fellas, the better they tend to do.

Green Your Dreams
In the past, organic cotton or eco-friendly bedding only came in dreary shades of beige—not anymore: White sheets made out of soft, silky bamboo fiber like those from VivaTerra (vivaterra.com) or crisp organic cotton sheeting from Matteo Home (ABC Carpet & Home, 888 & 881 Broadway, 212-473-3000) are now readily available. Adding pops of color with throws and shams made with organic cotton and low-impact, nontoxic dyes is also a simple way to add bursts of brightness to the bedroom.

Make Things Over Under the Sink
The traditional cleaning products under your kitchen sink can be a hazardous chemical cocktail. Swap them out for nontoxic eco-formulas from Method (Duane Reade and Whole Foods citywide; methodhome.com); Eco Smart insecticide (Home Depot, 40 W. 23rd St., 212-929-9571; ecosmart.com), which are made with an expert blend of essential oils that do an effective job of keeping creepy crawlers away; and scrubbers and brushes made with a blend of recycled wood and plastic from Green Depot (222 Bowery, 212-226-0444; greendepot.com).

Come Unstuck Naturally
A greener kitchen is a healthier one, and it starts with the basics. As cooks ditch Teflon products due to concerns about the chemicals used to make the nonstick coating, cast-iron pans are making a comeback for their durability and natural nonstick properties. And toss those plastic mixing bowls in favor of colorful, stackable ones from Cooks (jcp.com) that look like plastic but are actually made from bamboo fiber.

Think Quick-Drying Towels
Try to seek out green alternatives to everyday items. Linden Street Quick Dri towels (JCPenney, Manhattan Mall, 901 Ave. of the Americas, 212-295-6120) are made with 100 percent pure cotton and feature low-twist yarns that add softness—plus they dry up to a third faster than regular towels, which translates to energy savings for you!

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
NYC-based Stitch’t (stitcht.com) cuts apart colorful vintage T-shirts and makes them into cozy blankets. The company will even custom make quilts of any size and cases for throw pillows from your own T-shirt collection.

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