Getting kids to eat their veggies is the bane of moms from Battery Park to the Bronx. But thanks to Jessica Seinfeld, author of Double Delicious!, a continuation of New York Times best seller Deceptively Delicious, sneaking greens and fruit into tasty dishes like pasta with pea pesto and banana chocolate-chip waffles has become as simple as puree, blend and bake.

“You just cannot go wrong with veggies, especially those that are in season and look fresh,” says Seinfeld. “Look for the ones that are richest in color—spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, squash and carrots as well as caulifl ower and broccoli.”

With the change of season also comes a change in what’s available at the farmers’ market. Seinfeld recommends stocking up on crisp fall apples. “I’m suspicious of apples that you can buy year-round,” she says. “But apples in fall, when they’re fresh off the tree, are perfect. Our family goes apple picking often in September and October, and from our harvest I end up making apple pie, apple crumble, apple sauce, apple muffi ns, baked apples, apple pancakes, apple butter.... When we finally run out in winter, we’re all pretty sick of apples.”

But even the Queen of Greens can’t get everything past her family. “No matter what I do or how I prepare [beets], my family will still not eat them,” says Seinfeld. “My husband won’t eat them, and our kids follow his lead. I won’t give up, though! They’re too nutritious not to eat, and I am too determined.”

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