Charitybuzz’s holiday gala at Chelsea Piers

After the big market break in 1987, my colleague Paul Tudor Jones and I worried that the less fortunate would suffer immensely. As a way to give back, we, along with Glenn Dubin, founded the Robin Hood Foundation to target poverty in New York City. Of all the things I’ve done in my life, being a part of the Robin Hood Foundation is one of my proudest accomplishments—since that first year when we gave away a little over $60,000 to last year when we handed out $100 million.

The Robin Hood Foundation is modeled on how we run our businesses. Metrics, cutting-edge technology and the best and brightest minds are harnessed to make the organization effective. After seeing the incredible impact charismatic leaders like John F. Kennedy Jr. had on our organization, I realized more nonprofits needed iconic personalities to stand behind them. In 2004 I helped launch Charitybuzz to align more than 1,000 nonprofits with celebrities and major brands to raise funds. Charitybuzz bridges philanthropy, pop culture and technology to create online charity auctions with a big impact.

At, every item you bid on turns into a monetary gift for those most in need. During the holiday season, I encourage those who find themselves fortunate in the face of a difficult economy to be as generous as they can be. For many people reading this, your worst day will be better than the best day for those who need your help. There’s no better way to say thank you than to give.

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