From the skyline to the High Line to the 4-5-6 line, whether you’re above ground or below, New York is a city to be relished on multiple levels. The London NYC understands this and provides guests with opportunities to enjoy all the Big Apple has to offer while also providing a healthy dose of English charm. Delight in the cuisine of famed UK chef Gordon Ramsay at his eponymous fine-dining restaurant or the less-formal Maze, the only places in the city to savor the cooking icon’s creations. Take in magnificent panoramic views of Central Park, the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline from a top-floor room at the London, the highest such perch in New York. And on your way out of the building, don’t forget to pet Lily and Bentley, the London NYC’s resident bulldogs—English bulldogs, of course. 151 W. 54th St., 212-468-8856;

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