The home’s kitchen features custom cabinetry, a Sub-Zero commercial triple range and two sinks, each carved from a single piece of Carrara marble

Stuart Parr is the new kind of Renaissance man. Google my name and there’s the easy-listening DJ, a motorcycle racer, a heavy-metal musician and me. Google Stuart Parr and there’s the producer of Eminem’s 8 Mile, the modern furniture dealer, the architect, the manager of Marc Newson… and they’re all the same guy. And he’s an amazing stand-up comic/impressionist too (not like Monet; more like Rich Little). He can do Tony Shafrazi, Larry Gagosian, Julian Schnabel and more. He’s an incredible bunch of guys. To paraphrase Facebook, he’s all the Stuart Parrs you’re looking for.

I’m always finding out something new about Stuart. It slips out. He’s not the type to brag. He’s a discreet cat in an age of maximum-blare hypesters. But Stuart will talk a lot if you get him on a subject he loves. You want to have a party. “Hey, you can borrow this apartment I just built.”

A Marble Marvel
Parr loves designing spaces. He’s been doing it since he was in his 20s, and his latest project is the greatest of them all—a fantastically luxurious apartment in a historic Tribeca brick structure built by American Express in 1866. The apartment also happens to occupy the space in that building where Eric Goode and partners had their famous nightclub, Area, in the ’80s. This one is the ultimate, so far. It’s called Marble House—not after the Vanderbilt mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, but because this spacious home is the culmination of Parr’s fascination with marble, which developed over countless trips to Carrara for Marc Newson’s limited-edition works. “My friend owns a mountain,” he says.

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