FROM LEFT: The Edge; Dressler; Hotel Delmano. BELOW FROM LEFT: Michael Gondry; Christian Siriano; Kyan Douglas.


There’s not much that’s edgy about the Edge. This massive waterfront development will cover 7.5 acres and contain 1,085 condos across three buildings, underground parking for 700 cars, park space, and plenty of retail, making it more like a self-contained suburb. However, with 40,000 square feet of amenities, including an open-air pool, two gyms, and a spa, this is a suburb we could definitely get used to. 135 Kent Avenue, 718-222-0211;

This long, low brick building replaced the Old Dutch Mustard Factory with… a building that looks like a factory—albeit one with posh touches like a meditation garden and rooftop cabanas. The 114-unit development, with nine adjacent townhouses, is one of Williamsburg’s biggest off the river, but it’s close enough to command some great views of the city skyline that buyers left behind. 80 Metropolitan Avenue, 718-484-6000;

Agyness Deyn, Kyan Douglas, Albert Hammond Jr., Michel Gondry, Christian Siriano, and Randy Harrison.


Dressler’s owners hired Brooklyn-based artisans to create the iron chandeliers, zinc bar, and gorgeous décor that this former print shop has become known for. Of course, that’s not all it’s known for. Chef Polo Dobkin’s seasonal American creations also show a knack for getting attention—it’s one of only three Michelinstarred restaurants in Brooklyn. 149 Broadway, 718-384-6343;

This raw bar and restaurant represents the new school of Brooklyn fine dining—it’s the kind of place where the in-house butcher writes a blog about his cooking exploits (he does), but it’s also too concerned with appearing exclusive to take reservations (it doesn’t). Like an ingredient? Chances are it’s for sale in the upscale mini-mart up front. 81 Broadway, 718-384-1441;

Brooklyn’s meat mecca has been serving porterhouse for one person… or two, or three, or four, since ’87. That’s 1887. And some of the waitstaff look like they’ve been there about that long. Regulars don’t even bother looking at a menu; if you try the same, make sure to order the Luger’s Sizzling Bacon (served by the slice, each about an inch thick) for a heart-stopping good time. 178 Broadway, 718-387-7400;

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