Margaret Zakarian and Michael Aram at The Lambs Club

Pairing scrumptious food with rare vintage Champagne and artisanal Scotch whiskey is pretty enticing. Adding the element of scintillating conversation? Now that’s irresistible. Much like the fabled artists’ salons of Paris, The Lambs Club’s epic dinner parties are designed to bring great minds together for an evening of inspired dialogue, delectable cuisine and exquisite libations. “The idea is to get creative people together to experience a creative brand,” says The Lambs Club partner Margaret Zakarian, who hosts the dinner series along with director of events Celia Chen. “We compile a guest list of our most inspiring friends and colleagues and then partner with a brand that’s doing something we’re passionate about.”

The first dinner party featured Compass Box, a specialty Scotch whiskey maker. Geoffrey Zakarian, Margaret’s husband and the Michelin-starred chef of The Lambs Club, met the challenge of designing a menu that could stand up to whiskey pairings. Among the four courses was a spice roast duck, which perfectly complemented the Spice Tree Malt Scotch Whisky. “Throughout the dinner, guests could interact with John Glaser, the whiskey maker, and Geoffrey talked about how he designed the menu,” says Margaret. “We’ve all been to parties where they serve fabulous food and wine, but to hear someone speak about why it’s so special while you actually taste it is amazing.”

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