POST: Executive Chef/ Co-Owner, Marc Forgione, Tribeca
CUISINE: New American
EXPERIENCE: The son of culinary legend Larry Forgione, Marc began his career as a 16-yearold in his father’s kitchen at An American Place. When Laurent Tourondel set out to develop his flagship BLT Steak, he recruited the younger Forgione (who eventually moved on to become corporate chef of the BLT Restaurant Group) to be his sous chef. He and his business partner, Chris Blumlo, opened Marc Forgione, originally named Forge, in June 2008. The restaurant recently received a Michelin star.
FAVORITE INGREDIENT: Lior’s Apollonia cocoa powder
HIS FATHER’S BEST ADVICE: “There’s no such thing as an al dente potato.”
GUILTY PLEASURE: Bacon, bacon, bacon



POST: Executive Chef, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, Soho (Trump Soho)
CUISINE: Northern Italian
EXPERIENCE: Carro has been cooking in Italy, Africa and the United States for more than 18 years. He left his identical twin brother, Nicola, and their first US projects, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana and Sosta Pizzeria in South Beach, to come here.
BEST THING ABOUT COOKING WITH HIS BROTHER: “We know exactly what the other one is thinking.”
WHY THE DINNER CROWD IS BETTER IN NEW YORK THAN MIAMI: “New York diners have a more sophisticated palate and they know what they want.”
WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT DONALD TRUMP ESSENTIALLY BEING HIS BOSS: “I was hired by the building, not Mr. Trump, and I haven’t met him. But I look forward to trying to impress him with my food.”


POST: Chef/Owner, Rye, Williamsburg
CUISINE: New American
EXPERIENCE: Elliot spent time at Blue Hill and Gramercy Tavern. While he was executive chef at Dressler, the restaurant received a glowing review from The New York Times and a Michelin star. Rye is Elliot’s first solo venture.
JOB BEFORE BECOMING A CHEF: Commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, Alaska
WHY BROOKLYN: “After living in the neighborhood for 15 years I saw it growing and getting gentrified. I thought I understood the clientele and I wanted to give them a nice, genuine restaurant.”
WHAT POPS ON HIS MENU: “Everything.”




POST: Executive Chef, Travertine, Lower East Side
CUISINE: Mediterranean
EXPERIENCE: From shaving truffles in Le Cirque’s famed NYC kitchen to kneading fresh pasta dough at Babbo as sous chef to Mario Batali, Trevino’s life has always revolved around his deep passion for food. Travertine is his first restaurant (he created the menu).
HOW HE SPENT HIS SUMMER VACATION: “I put six days’ worth of clothes into a backpack and grabbed my laptop and took off to Italy. I went without an agenda and I [wandered], just spending time in some fantastic kitchens.”
WHERE HE EATS WHEN HE ISN’T AT TRAVERTINE: “Whether we admit it or not, all chefs are carboholics or sushi junkies. There isn’t anything better than a pristine piece of raw fi sh at two in the morning. You can’t beat Gajyumaru on the Upper East Side for late-night sushi.”
MENU STANDOUT: “Pigshead terrine. We put so much care into it— it’s my baby, and it’s hard to... have someone else do it.”

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