Organic Avenue helped launch NYC’s juice trend

Blossom Du Jour Cafe & Organic Juice Bar
Fans of the Chelsea vegan restaurant will recognize the name, but Blossom’s juice bar is decidedly more liquid-focused. One hundred percent organic, vegan, and kosher, Blossom offers TRu Life Juice, a line of fresh pressed juices and nut blends, available for single purchase or in a one- to five-day cleanse package. 174 Ninth Ave., 212-229-2595

Gastronomie 491
“Una spremuta was a basic part of growing up in Rome,” says owner Nicole Ahronee. “During warm months in France, people drink citron pressé, freshly squeezed lemon juice with water and sugar cane syrup. Bottled juice simply doesn’t compare.” At the newly opened Gastronomie 491, juice combinations can be completely customized based on what’s in store that day (right now, think watermelon mint). 491 Columbus Ave., 212-974-7871

Gingersnap’s Organic
“People are becoming more aware of the benefits of eating and drinking whole foods,” says Gingersnap’s Organic founder Jamie Graber. “As veganism rises, so does juice awareness.” Encouraging a whole-body approach to juicing, Graber offers patrons three-, five-, or seven-day GO Cleanses. 130 E. 7th St., 212-533-9939

Juice Generation
Juice Generation’s organic, pressed juices are made, whenever possible, from vegetables and fruits produced by local growers, like the apples in a Mr. Greengenes that are sourced from Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva, New York. To boot, all Juice Generation locations are certified by the Green Restaurant Association and are members of 1 Percent for the Planet. “It’s really exciting to be part of a revolution in the way people eat and drink in NYC,” says founder Eric Helms. Eight locations citywide

“From the day I began 17 years ago, we were solely a juice company,” says owner Doug Green. “Our energies go 100 percent into putting out the best product.” The extensive menu makes it hard to choose a favorite, but we’re partial to the Skin Trip (carrot, spinach, cucumber, parsley, aloe vera, and Liver Kidney Lymph Detox). 170 Second Ave., 212-358- 0300;

One Lucky Duck
With two locations—one in Chelsea Market and the other attached to her raw cuisine emporium, Pure Food and Wine—One Lucky Duck owner Sarma Melngailis has certainly got the juice bar geography down pat. “We aim to make eating well a fun and indulgent experience rather than a sacrifice,” she says. “I very much want to help effect an overall shift towards eating cleaner, more natural foods.” 125½ E. 17th St., 212-477-7151; 75 Ninth Ave., 212-255-4300

Organic Avenue
Many credit Organic Avenue, which has eight New York and Long Island locations including six opened over the past year, with launching the city’s juice trend. “We provide the authenticity and genuine motivation needed to keep our clients focused and strong,” says founder Denise Mari. “We will change a menu item before substituting it with a questionable ingredient.” This summer, Organic Avenue launches new cleanse promotions with less expensive delivery, new bottles, and more menu items.

Like many juice bars, Terri’s uses a Norwalk cold-press juicer in an effort to preserve as many nutrients as possible. “Because the cold-pressed method doesn’t generate the heat that the traditional centrifugal method does, fewer nutrients and enzymes are killed, leaving a better quality juice that lasts days instead of minutes,” says Terri’s Tomer Versano. Our favorite? The Live Long and Green, a delicious blend of cucumber, spinach, apple, lemon, and ginger. 60 W. 23rd St., 212-647-8810

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