FROM LEFT: Kenmare; Lavo

Convenience is something we consistently seek in all facets of life, so why should an evening on the town be any different? Enter the restaurant above the club: Simply polish off dinner and head down to a waiting table in a packed room—all without having to take a step outside.

Nightclubs and restaurants normally start elsewhere and expand to Las Vegas. But Vegas staple Lavo bucks that trend as nightlife scions Marc Packer, Rich Wolf, Jason Strauss and Noah Tepperberg bring their Sin City creation east. The Midtown establishment opens its doors during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, when guests will be treated to delicious Italian-inspired creations before descending to the dance floor to enjoy European-style dance music. The venue, designed by ICrave, has a living room feel, but fl ourishes like intricate latticework in the railings and elaborate chandeliers remind you that this place is all about luxury. Check out the weekend brunch party, where you’ll likely be clinking Champagne fl utes with some famous faces. 39 E. 58th St., 212-750-5588;

This Nolita clubaurant is the brainchild of Paul Sevigny (Beatrice Inn), Joey Campanaro (Little Owl) and Nur Khan (Rose Bar), so it oozes cachet from every stuccoed and marbled surface. Upstairs diners enjoy Mediterranean dishes and American comfort food while the likes of Mick Jagger cut loose in the small club downstairs. On the upside (for smokers anyway), tobacco is apparently allowed inside, at least if you’re a celeb—Lindsay Lohan was allegedly chain-smoking at her table during a recent visit. (On the downside, apparently Lindsay Lohan hangs out here.) Also, be prepared for a battle at the door, as the pretentious bouncers are harder to get past than White House security. 98 Kenmare St., 212-274-9898

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