Swine Restaurant's Super Bowl Party Playbook:


Recipe: Potato Chip Nachos


Recipe: Duck Fat Spicy Cashews


Recipe: Chocolate-Covered Bacon


Recipe: The Tim Riggins 

To take the stress out of planning your Super Bowl XLVII party menu, we dialed up the team at West Village restaurant Swine for a spread that covers all bases: bacon, beer, cheese sauce, and (just because) duck fat. Needless to say, the porcine-inspired eatery—with a working vintage pinball machine, first-run classic rock posters, and plenty of craft beers on tap and in cans—came through with a menu of potato chip nachos, duck fat spicy cashews, and chocolate-covered bacon. And because it’s not a party without a cocktail, co-owner John McNulty inspired a spicy-smoky-citrusy beertail using mezcal, Budweiser, agave, orange juice, and chili-maple syrup. All of the recipes are no fuss and easy to execute. None require more than eight ingredients. 

Opened last summer, Swine is the brainchild of co-owners and front-of-the-house men McNulty (last at Perilla) and Cris Criswell. Both lay claim to a love of small-production wines, neighborhood dive bars, classic rock, and charcuterie, which is where French-trained chef Phil Conlon and his house-made terrines enter the equation. “When we started meeting with Phil, he dug the initial concept for the menu and then took it steps further and tied it all together,” explained McNulty. The resulting menu is a mix of house-made salumi and charcuterie (try the chicken liver mousse), cheeses from Murray’s, snacks and toasts, main plates, and sides. There are even some pretty solid salads, such as the blackened carrots and quinoa salad, a mound of quinoa dressed in avocado, sour cream, and lime topped with baby kale and blackened carrots. And the bone marrow and brisket burger and pork belly potato chip nachos (which you now have the recipe for) are menu fixtures, for good reason.

For Super Bowl Sunday entertaining, McNulty and Criswell, who recently co-hosted a rock and roll-themed New Year’s Eve party at Swine (“I was wiping black eyeliner off of my eyes for days,” said Criswell.), keep it casual and laidback. “It's always a serve yourself kind of buffet idea, and people can eat all night,” said Criswell. Above, Conlon offers a menu plan that fits that M.O. to a T—for touchdown! 531 Hudson St., 212-255-7675 

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