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Natura Bissé’s New Bedtime Beauty Serum

Luxe up your bedside table with Diamond Life Infusion.

October 10, 2012

Barcelona-based skincare brand Natura Bissé has welcomed a new jewel to its luxury lineup. The recently debuted overnight treatment, Diamond Life Infusion, boasts a patent pending retinoid-replicating complex (known as Bio-Magnet Nanosomes) that combats sun marks, dryness, irritation, and inflammation. The potent serum also incorporates 16 additional anti-aging ingredients to further its rejuvenating power and help eliminate wrinkles and under-eye sagging. In pre-launch testing, participants lost an average of 3.9 years off their skin's age. Best suited for women over 35, you can bet this super-luxe overnight treatment will be on the bedside tables of New York’s society elite—an .08 ounce bottle checks in at $590. Celebrity fans of Natura Bissé include bombshells like Sophia Vergara, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Beyoncé. 


3 Fashionable Coffee-Table Books

A set of fall must-read coffee table books for the sartorial Manhattanite.

October 01, 2012

No stranger to the beautiful and famous is French couturier Christian Dior. “No Dior, No Dietrich,” the bold Marlene Dietrich once told director Alfred Hitchcock. Stars in Dior by Jérôme Hanover (Rizzoli; $65) illuminates the iconic relationship between the fashion house and film, dating back to the designer’s personal roots in costume design. Two hundred and fifty images including film stills, location shots, and actress portraitures of icons including Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, and Ingrid Bergman are featured. 31 W. 57th St., 212-759-2424

Just as inspiring as the dynamic between fashion and the silver screen is the interplay among the fashion and art worlds. None other than the enigmatic Alexander McQueen merged the two as brilliantly, with couture shows that were as much performance as they were clothing exhibitions. Love Looks Not with the Eyes: Thirteen Years with Lee Alexander McQueen (Abrams; $ 75) offers a behind-the-scenes portrait of the groundbreaking spectacles with 400 never-before-seen photographs taken by Anne Deniau, the only photographer given complete backstage access to the provocative designer’s 13 years of shows. Available at bookstores citywide

Favored by New York socialites, celebrities, and royalty alike, Harry Winston by Harry Winston (Rizzoli; $85) brings the dazzling world of the illustrious jeweler to life. A refined collection of vintage and contemporary advertising campaigns, historic images, and sophisticated celebrity fans including Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Halle Berry highlight Winston’s legendary glamour and enduring wearability. 31 W. 57th St., 212-759-2424



Bomber Jackets Back in Vogue

From New York to Milan, the bomber jacket proves to be this season’s most popular outerwear.

October 01, 2012

Calvin Klein’s fall bomber jacket

Heralded for its ability to keep Air Force pilots warm in open cockpits, the original bomber jacket (known as the Type A-2) became a popular fashion staple in the late ’80s after the release of the movie Top Gun. With clean lines and a cropped cut that elongate the legs and provide a more flattering proportion, the bomber jacket has long been considered a menswear classic, but this season designers are breathing new life into the traditional favorite. Acne’s option with fur collar ($990) keeps it classic while the New York street– inspired wool and leather Calvin Klein Collection version (price on request) is a bit more contemporary. Both bombers will flatter most men, but those looking for the best melding of styles should look to 3.1 Phillip Lim’s style ($1,790). Whether it’s thrown over a favorite T-shirt or paired with a shirt and tie, the bomber jacket is a standout trend this fall. Acne, 33 Greene St., 212-334-8345; Calvin Klein, 654 Madison Ave., 212-292-9000; 3.1 Phillip Lim, 115 Mercer St., 212-334-1160


Raleigh Denim Opens in Nolita

A bespoke, small batch North Carolina denim brand arrives in New York.

September 27, 2012

Until recently, the very limited edition denim brand of married couple Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko had only been available at Barneys and Brooklyn Denim Co. The brand made a name for itself with its small batches of product tailored to the individual customer. Created with vintage sewing machines, each pair of jeans made in the couple’s Raleigh, North Carolina warehouse is signed by its sewer. Jeans run $215 to $325, and there's also a whole collection of men's and women's tops, shirts, skirts, and more.

With such a bespoke quality, the jeans quickly flew off shelves. Lucky for New Yorkers, Raleigh Denim now has a just-opened boutique in Nolita. The shop was designed in collaboration with Shohei Shigematsu of OMA and is meant to reflect the brand’s southern charm. As you conduct your fall shopping, be sure to keep Raleigh Denim in mind for a one-of-a-kind pair of jeans. 211 Elizabeth St., 212-729-1132

—Jessica Ferri


Skin Chaperone Offers DAVIDsTEA Steams

Two neighboring UES companies team up for one refreshing beauty treat.

September 25, 2012

Skin Chaperone uses DAVIDsTea flavors like The Glow (pictured) to complement their face treatments. 

Fall is typical weather for a nice cup of piping hot tea—especially if said tea is being used in an invigorating treatment at the Upper East Side’s Skin Chaperone medispa. After a summer full of sun and skin-wrecking travel schedules, an antioxidant-rich tea steam is the right way to get your face back on track this fall.

But it’s not just any tea that Skin Chaperone owner Misha Yomtovian uses in her treatments. In an effort to stay local and give back to another neighborhood business, Yomtovian has teamed up with DAVIDsTEA (1124 3rd Ave., 212-717-1116). A Canada-based brand focused on loose-leaf, high-quality tea, DAVIDsTEA offers every flavor imaginable—from a sprinkle-studded birthday cake tea, to seasonal offerings like pumpkin chai and toasted marshmallow.

Skin Chaperone’s aromatic and soothing tea steams are currently optional with four signature treatments. For the refreshing Oxygen Illuminating facial with HydraGLO ($175) Yomtovian recommends pairing with Cheeky Lychee—the tea itself is chock full of components that can benefit every skin type, and antioxidants that may help curb cell damage and improve blood vessel function. To calm skin in preparation for Skin Chaperone's Resurfacing Peels ($250 for the highest strength) the chamomile-packed Sweet Dreams is the most popular remedy. During the Epidermal Wrinkle Repair with HydraGLO ($300), which revives aging skin, bask in the vitamin C-enriched Pink Flamingo. For an intense treatment like the Clear and Brilliant Fraxel Laser with HydraGLO ($400), which builds brand-new collagen, Yomtovian selects The Glow for its powerhouse, antioxidant-boosting rooibos. Tea steams are an additional $10 with any treatment and can be paired with virtually any DAVIDsTEA. Whatever you pick, be prepared for the intoxicatingly fragrant steam of your chosen flavor to make your facial a doubly indulgent experience.

In the future, look for more DAVIDsTEA and Skin Chaperone collaborations—a tea tasting at the spa, exclusive tea specials, and more, are in talks. 201 E. 65th St., Upper East Side, 212-653-9762

—Cait Rohan


C. Wonder Opens in Columbus Circle

C. Wonder opens a second NYC store on the Upper West Side.

September 21, 2012

If Alice in Wonderland and J.Crew had a love child, C. Wonder's colorful, psychedelic-preppy brand would be it. And with the opening of the C. Wonder flagship at The Shops at Columbus Circle this weekend, uptown New Yorkers can be even closer to founder Chris Burch's wonderfully whimsical apparel, accessories, and home accoutrements.

The space is bigger and more open than C. Wonder's other NYC address in SoHo, which means more room to make the store seem like a stylish playground. Decorated birdcages dangle from the ceiling, tons of cheerfully colored nooks and crannies abound around every corner, and life-sized rainbow-hued zebras (think: a fashionable version of the Fruit Stripes frontman) hold court in the center of walkways. Adding to the store's aesthetic is the merchandise itself—items are often displayed in ROY G. BIV-order, and since leopard print is prominent for C. Wonder this season, the spots show up in a big way all over the store's sunglasses, shoes, and fall sweaters. But the poppy prints and colors are seamlessly counterbalanced by monograms and smart tailoring.

Many C. Wonder staples remain the same. The dressing rooms have individually controlled music and lighting, and the store's overarching playlist leans toward lively Motown. Monogram personalization and an open-door return policy are also still available. And Burch's mission to turn a shopping experience into a trip of wonder has never been more front of mind.

In true C. Wonder style, the new store will be fêted with an array of opening events. This Friday, September 21, colorful fortune cookies redeemable for special gifts this weekend will be distributed from C. Wonder-branded smart cars around the city. On Saturday and Sunday, a carnival-style party will take place in-store, complete with a DJ, popcorn, lemonade, chances to score gift cards, a "Wheel of Wonder," classic carnival games, and more. C. Wonder may have moved uptown, but this new outpost takes us down the rabbit the best way possible. Time Warner Center, The Shops at Columbus Circle, 10 Columbus Circle, Level 2, Upper West Side, 212-956-9760

—Cait Rohan


Tried & Tested: Joey Healy Eyebrow Shaping and Luxe Products

Eyebrow guru's upscale services and eponymous line convert a nonbeliever.

September 19, 2012

Eyebrow expert Joey Healy tweezes, tints, and restructures using his epnoymous line of products.

Despite being obsessed with beauty products and treatments, there’s one area I’ve always ignored: my eyebrows. Although my hair has been about every shade of blonde and red since I've had an allowance to afford dye, my natural eyebrows have remained a crazy cross between the two—a sort of strawberry-blonde color, which allowed me to so easily switch, but never quite matched whatever hair hue I’ve sported. So, eyebrows fell to last on my beauty to-do list. Instead of trying tweezers, brow gels, powders, tinting, and pencils, I reluctantly dragged myself to the nearest waxing or threading salon whenever I started to look a tad too much like a Chinese Crested.

Enter energetic eyebrow guru Joey Healy, who’s been framing the eyes of Upper East Side elite with his mobile, in-home services for the past two years. Eyebrows to Healy are works of art and he treats them as such—my session started with him carefully assessing factors like face shape, hair color, and existing eyebrow composition. Healy happily plucked, shaded, and sculpted away, the searing pain I usually associated with brow sessions replaced by his vibrant conversation and careful instruction for at-home maintenance.

The best part is that the wonderful eyebrow experience doesn’t have to end after Healy's expert work is done—his line of Luxe Brow Powders ($28), Brow Architect Stylos ($25), Brow Structure Clear Set ($25), and Duo Brow Brush ($28) make for a great take-home goody bag. And even if you’re a product junkie like me, the collection won’t be gathering dust in your overcrowded beauty cabinet. Joey Healy pencils are easy to apply, don’t require a sharpener, and go on smooth. The powder has magical staying powers (it’s waterproof/smudge-proof), and with the help of a magic wand in the form of Healy’s special double-sided boar/badger-hair Duo Brow Brush and the Brow Structure Clear Set gel, it's happily ever after...for eyebrows.

But it looks like I’ll be needing Healy’s help again (appointments are available at Healy’s UES studio if you prefer) after using his renowned Brow Renovation Serum ($125). The award-winning concoction of pentapeptides, glycosaminoglycans, and hyaluronic acid is said to make brows fuller and more youthful with consistent use. One thing I’ve certainly learned from this experience—I’m never going back to my regular waxing routine. (Eyebrow Shaping, $85; Eyebrow Tinting, $75; Eyebrow Blueprint, $140; Eyebrow Party, $75/guest) 212 E. 70th St., Upper East Side, 917-288-3548

—Cait Rohan
Photography by Nadia Itani


9 Beauty Trends for Next Spring

Fishtail braids, 3-D lipstick effects, and bold brows are a few of the trends we saw at spring 2013 New York Fashion Week.

September 17, 2012

—vishaka robinson


NYFW S/S 2013 Front Row: Day 7

Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba, and Ryan Lochte at New York Fashion Week.

September 14, 2012

>>More front row galleries here


Latin Luxe at Ralph Lauren

As other designers present India-inspired collections, Lauren offers a romantic Spanish interlude.

September 13, 2012

Ralph Lauren is casting us all in a Hemingway novel for spring/summer 2013, the kind that waxes romantic about sunny days and sultry nights in Seville. Called to mind during the show were images of bullfighters and the type of sophisticated-yet-conflicted (and always well-dressed) women who used to be played by Ava Gardner.

Lauren's take on Latin luxe was at times quite literal. Case in point: Hilary Rhoda in a tomato suede jacket adorned with the type of gold embroidery you’d see on a traditional "Traje de Luces," or "suit of lights," so named for its flashy adornment. Most models also sported either a beret or a brimmed cordobes hat, the latter designed by Patricia Underwood.

For consumers, the delight in the Spanish influence will likely be explored in some of the subtler—and yet no less romantic—pieces, such as a lush turquoise suede poet blouse that opened the show or, amid a long segment of black looks, a suede jacket embellished with what looked like intricate leather tooling.

Among accessories, the standout was a scarlet leather open-work bag with RL's initials tooled on its face, as well as some evening clutches resembling fans, their shape emphasized by models like Karlie Kloss as they walked the runway.

Ultimately no one captures a mood and a period better than Ralph Lauren—his fall Downton Abbey/English country manor collection that's currently in stores and his 1930s Shanghai collection before that being two such examples. Lauren, like Hemingway, is well aware that the divine can always be found in the details. 


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