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Get Swept Away to Paris

OpenSkies offers a month-long special on a lavish trip to Paris in honor of its third birthday.

June 21, 2011

Gourmet dining service on an OpenSkies flight

All-business airline OpenSkies is celebrating its third birthday by treating customers to special rates on luxurious flights to Paris via Newark, NJ ($799, each way) or Washington, D.C. ($699, each way). The special rates are valid on round-trip, business-class fares booked by June 30 for travel between September 6, 2011 and January 10, 2012. Happily, the special coincides with some of the City of Lights’s most celebrated seasonal events: the fall wine harvest, the Lyon Film Festival and the Paris Autumn Festival. And relaxing in 140-degree reclining seats outfitted with a universal electrical outlet and personal entertainment system available on OpenSkies flights makes getting to these whirlwind events even sweeter. C’est la vie!



Professional Profile: Bruce Mosler

Bruce Mosler, Cushman & Wakefield’s chairman of global brokerage, takes on a new role that feels very familiar.

June 17, 2011

Few CEOs would have the confidence to acknowledge their company needs new leadership. One year ago, Cushman & Wakefield’s Bruce Mosler made that call, stepping down as head of New York’s preeminent commercial real estate services firm. “I wanted a change,” Mosler explains. “My view of running a global business in today’s world is that after five years you need to reinvent the business—and that has to come from a different person.”

Still, Mosler hasn’t exactly slowed down. In his new role as Cushman & Wakefield’s chairman of global brokerage, he’s tapping into nearly three decades of experience as a professional broker to develop institutional relationships (Cushman is already NYU’s real estate adviser and handles portfolios for giants like Bank of America and Lazard). “As CEO you’re focused on the business of the business,” Mosler explains. “The reason I wanted to shift back into brokerage was the opportunity to spend more time in front of clients. That’s what I enjoy.”

The city has enjoyed the results, too. More than 10 years ago Mosler brokered the deal that brought the 855,000-square-foot Reuters Building to 3 Times Square, ushering in an era of development that has redefined the Crossroads of the World. Likewise, Mosler got publisher VNU into its headquarters at 770 Broadway and made the deal that gave H&M a New York flagship at 640 Fifth Avenue.

Today Mosler remains on the cutting edge, working with clients in the industries that are leading the city’s rebound. “The technology, healthcare and educational sectors are all now significant growth areas for New York City,” says Mosler. “Forty percent of the office employment sector used to be driven by financial services, but that has shrunk. We’ve become a more diverse, robust city.” And, according to Mosler, that should mean the return of spec development and a spike in rents come year’s end.

While working with the companies that are changing the face of New York inspires him, Mosler is happiest to be sharing his expertise with the next generation of Cushman & Wakefield executives. “Being the CEO isn’t the only way to be a leader,” he says. “I’m almost more beneficial in my new role, where people come to me asking for help on how to approach strategies. I have never been a solo artist.”



Dylan for Dad

A last minute Father's Day gift that will trump any long thought upon gift your siblings have in the hopper.

June 16, 2011

Haven’t you heard? Father’s Day is Sunday and if that phrase causes your stomach to drop, it's probably because you have neglected to get your dear ol’ dad a present. Fear not: we recently fell in love with Box of Vision’s latest Bob Dylan Archive ($130), which is the ultimate gift for the ultimate Dylan fan. This is the crème de la crème of record collections, featuring a 220 page LP artwork book, soft-cover catalography and exclusively-designed storage system. "Tangled Up in Blue," "Like A Rolling Stone," "Blowin’ In the Wind"... since receiving this set, our entire office has been singing along.


Backyard Bliss

Dedon's Nestrest is our new favorite outdoor seating arrangement.

June 03, 2011

Enjoy the great outdoors without giving up the comforts of home with Dedon’s nature-inspired collection. Our favorite piece, the Nestrest, can either sit on the ground ($12,450, without cushions) or be hung ($11,200, without cushions) for a lounge hideout that cannot be beat. 76 Greene St., 212-334-3345


Feng Shui Tips from Carole Shashona

The alternative interior designer explains her Feng Shui philosophy and practices.

May 23, 2011

Interior designer Carole Shashona has always been ahead of the curve. Trained by a Feng Shui master in Hong Kong, Shashona is now one of the most sought-after American interior designers. Known for her ability to infuse comfort into luxurious surroundings while keeping the space multifunctional, Shashona is a master at creating environments to balance the mind, body and spirit. Here, she enlightens us on how to build a personal paradise through the art of Feng Shui.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the definition of Feng Shui. What is the true meaning?
CAROLE SHASHONA: It’s not just about moving your furniture around. It’s a teaching about how to create harmony in your life.

Why do you think it has become such a trend?
CS: Because I think everybody nowadays is trying to find balance [and] harmony. And it gives a very easy way to take some of the tenants of Feng Shui and apply them to different areas of your life.

How do your sensibilities as a former dancer inform your work?
CS: The reason my [Feng Shui] master trained me was because of dance. I think the dancing gave me so much knowledge of the physical body and the senses and the similarities of music, dance, rhythm, harmony.

What did you learn under your Feng Shui master?
CS: What I have slowly found from all these yearS [is that] I wanted to create what I call alternative interior design, which is more about wellness [and] health. There’s nothing wrong with having glamorous homes, but it has become very materialistic rather than being about ‘what makes me feel good in my home?’

Your work emphasizes the importance of color choices.
CS: Color can enlarge a space or make it more intimate. Color can have you relax or stimulate. People say red in the bedroom will increase passion. It might, but if you’re not feeling well it’ll raise your temperature.

What are some Feng Shui tips for city spaces?
CS: With small spaces, especially in New York City, it can be very, very challenging but you have to allocate and be creative. And a lot of times people fear creative and do what I call crossover: they work from their bedroom, which I find is a big no-no. You’ll never get a good night’s sleep if you’re seeing that you have to pay bills or are thinking about a report. If you want an area to work from, create that little area. It could be from a closet, which you could convert into a work area or an armoire that you could keep things in. The first step is making yourself feel welcome as a guest in your own home. It’s not about what will look good for the other person entering it.

—Kaitlin Clark


For the Tabletop

Find singularly modern pieces for the home through Horne.

May 20, 2011

Horne’s online boutique brings together the best of unique modern home décor, including Parisian designers Tse & Tse’s Capacious Hungry Bowls (from $72), which are so versatile, they’d fit naturally alongside a picnic basket or a set of fine china. 


Crystal for Your Home

Add in a few new Baccarat items.

May 06, 2011

This season, luxury brand Baccarat has introduced a beautiful new stemware collection, Jupiter ($100 per glass) as well as new marcel wanders vases (shown, $3,950). 625 Madison Ave., 212-826-4100


A Beautiful Bed

Make your bed with Peter Som's new collection for Sferra.

April 22, 2011

Fashion designer Peter Som’s bedding and pillow collection for Sferra embodies springtime with its floral designs and fresh color schemes. Gracious Home, 1992 Broadway, 212-231-7800


Spa Getaway: The Rainforest Spa at the Jalousie Plantation

The Rainforest Spa at the Jalousie Plantation in St. Lucia is a destination unto itself.

April 21, 2011

Perched in the center of the Pitons, St. Lucia’s majestic twin peaks, the Jalousie Plantation boasts the most stunning location on this breathtaking island. With a gorgeous white sand beach and sweeping sea views from the cliff-side villas, there is a lot to love on this magical corner of the island. Plus—thanks to a $100 million renovation due to the hotel’s re-branding as the Tides Sugar Beach this December—the resort is undergoing a spectacular facelift. 

Chic new villas showcase large private plunge pools. The glamorous new Great Room restaurant features a delectable menu. But it’s the new Rainforest Spa that has in-the-know travelers buzzing. With its unique jungle-luxe design and an array of innovative treatments, the spa is primed to be one of the best in the region.

Pure Bliss
The entrance to the Rainforest Spa involves a walk through a long, dark passage lined with candles. At the end, you emerge outside underneath a canopy of lush trees in the rainforest. The spa, nestled in this dramatic backdrop, encompasses a series of tree houses propped on stilts and connected to each other by wooden walkways.

Each of the seven individual tree-house treatment rooms is handcrafted entirely from sustainable materials, including thatched field-grass roofs, woven pieces of Campeche wood walls and local hardwood floors. Chirping birds, rustling tree leaves and a flowing river render the campy nature soundtracks that so many spas use obsolete. The atmosphere is, in a word, heavenly.

The spa’s impressive treatment menu pairs cutting-edge beauty technologies like LED therapies, ultrasonic skin rejuvenation and non-surgical facelifts with organic skincare lines and centuries-old St. Lucian beauty secrets. It’s this unexpected mix that really gives the spa its signature. Don’t miss the Sulfur Seduction, which sends you on an adventure to the nearby volcanic sulfur for a dip in the mud baths, a rinse underneath a waterfall and a restorative massage back at the spa.

—sara bliss


VW Updates a Classic

The revamped 21st century Beetle melds tradition, innovation and rock and roll.

April 18, 2011

The redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

On a crisp New York morning, Volkswagen unveiled its 21st century Beetle redesign in a warehouse filled with 200 plus members of the media, auto lovers and locals. Jumbo screens playing the 2012 Beetle commercial teaser, originally seen during this year’s Super Bowl, were moved to reveal the glistening new models and their sleek design.

Substantially larger than their adorable predecessors, the 2012 Beetles project a cooler, somewhat manlier vibe. “We wanted the car to be much more dynamic, sporty and masculine,” said Volkswagen design chief Klaus Bischoff. “We wanted to give it a completely new character. We pushed back the cabin, we lowered the car dramatically and we stretched the window graphic and condensed it. Already, from the side, the car has a much stronger road presence.”

  Pete Wentz inside a 2012 Beetle at the New York unveiling

And while Bischoff stressed that the car was completely redesigned, the new model is clearly recognizable as one of America’s beloved “bugs.” The distinctive round headlights and curved roof reminds Beetle fans that this automobile is a descendent of the preferred transportation of hippies in the 60s and 70s. “The Beetle became an enduring cultural icon and an emotional touchstone for an entire generation. [It has] a special connection with its owners over the span of more than six decades. You don’t change a car like that on a whim,” said Volkswagen America CEO Jonathan Browning.

The revved up Beetle also comes standard with keyless entry, an eyebrow-raising fuel economy of 22 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway and a full-blast Fender sound system. Former Fallout Boy lead singer Pete Wentz, guest DJ for the unveiling and the frontman of a new band called the Black Cards, may find that last feature especially useful. “I’m listening to a lot of Sleigh Bells, Odd Future, and Lil’ B,” said Wentz. Of the morning’s playlist, he added “I was thinking about 9 am music, which is vastly different from 9 pm music. I just wanted to play upbeat, fun stuff.”

—meghan blalock

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