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5 Head-Turning Tuxedos for Gala Season

You can't go wrong with labels like McQueen, Vera Wang, and Paul Smith.

August 13, 2013

As gala season fast-approaches, we're reminded that there's nothing like a man who knows how to wear a tux. From classic to color, sassy to refined, designers like Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, and Paul Smith craft tuxedos for dudes, dandies, and gentlemen alike.




Dispatch: Jennifer Aniston Talks 'We're the Millers'

Plus: red-carpet chats with the stars of Lovelace, 2 Guns, and Prince Avalanche.

August 12, 2013

Jennifer Anniston, We're the Millers New York premiere   
Jennifer Aniston at the New York premiere of We're the Millers (photo: Rob Kim/gettyimages.com)  

Monday, July 29: Universal Pictures debuted 2 Guns at Chelsea's SVA Theatre. Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington star in the buddy film on steroids, based on a graphic novel series of the same name. 

The film's director, Baltasar Kormákur, said that Wahlberg went off script during filming. “Mark farted in one scene,” noted Kormákur. “I didn’t know it was going to happen.” 

Despite Wahlberg’s on camera flatulence, Washington indicated that he admires his co-star—their chemistry makes the shoot 'em up watchable. “He’s a wonderful actor,” offered Washington. "Just a really good guy."

Tuesday, July 30: The Cinema Society, MCM, and Grey Goose screened Lovelace at the Museum of Modern Art. The film tells the story of Linda Lovelace (played by Amanda Seyfried), who starred in the hugely successful 1970s porn film Deep Throat, was brutalized by her husband, and later became a feminist. "It made me feel like a real actor,” said Seyfried of the role. “I certainly felt satisfied in a way I hadn’t before.”

Adam Brody plays Harry Reems, Lovelace's hirsute co-star in Deep Throat. “I did watch his work,” indicated Brody. “But I could never be that hairy. They added a bit of a chest Merkin. And I got attached to the mustache. That was mine.”

Chris Noth gives a remarkable performance as a tough guy who stands up for Lovelace. His hair was also puffed up for the circa '70s role. “They did a job on it,” mentioned Noth.

And Sharon Stone is masterful as Lovelace's aging mother. “I look back on the '70’s fondly,” she said on her way into the theater. “My character had buck teeth and we built false teeth, but eventually we decided it would just be a way that I held my mouth. They trusted me.”

Wednesday, July 31: The Cinema Society and Gents screened Prince Avalanche. In the highly-touted film, Emile Hirsch and Paul Rudd play road workers painting lines on asphalt.

“We got to know each other in Austin,” offered Hirsch on the red carpet. “We went out, had a couple of beers. Paul is more of a badass than people think.” While Rudd shrugged off the "badass" label, he did say that his "guard was down a bit" around Hirsch.

Though both actors do an admirable job portraying charming backwoods characters, the film feels interminable.

Thursday, August 1: We’re the Millers (Warner Bros.) was perhaps the funniest film this writer ever viewed. Jason Sudeikis, a drug dealer in the film, noted that watching costar Jennifer Aniston play a stripper was “a decent day of work" but also "really awkward," since he and Aniston are real-life pals. In fact, as Dispatches was speaking to Sudeikis, Aniston walked up and pinched him on the back end. "Have you seen this?" she asked.

And what were Aniston’s thoughts about stripping? “Originally it was just me and Denise, the choreographer, but on the set, with cameras and crew members, that was another story."


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His and Hers Equestrian Style

Massimo Dutti's new capsule collection isn't horsing around.

August 12, 2013

For polo, equestrian events, or simply to look the part this summer and fall, Massimo Dutti presents a chic, limited-edition equestrian collection for both men and women. Replete with versatile clothing, outerwear, and accessories, the capsule collection evokes the elite lifestyle of equestrian pursuits and is made for movement and precision. Like the sport itself, the collection values timeless tradition and craftsmanship. Highlights include quilted blazers, Italian wool pea coats, and bags. Shop the line at the Spanish brand's New York flagship. 689 Fifth Ave., 212-371-2555 



What We're Reading

25 little-known facts about Prospect Park, and more from around the web.

August 09, 2013

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

A new book unravels the history of Brooklyn's Prospect Park. (photo: Michael Nagle/gettyimages.com)

The team at Curbed New York plumbed a new book, Prospect Park by David P. Colley, to bring us 25 little-known facts about the Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert B. Vaux masterpiece. [Curbed

Believe it or not, some New Yorkers go the old fashioned route of waiting until marriage to have sex, at least one woman in particular. Stand-up comedian Alexis Lambright waited 10 years before having sex for the first time, and then "turned her celibacy into a one-woman show," which she's performing at this month's New York International Fringe Festival. [NY Post

In other news, we all know love is a game, and a new relationship app for couples, called Kahnoodle, takes this truism to literal levels. [The Atlantic

Do you like this article? Like, would you "like" it on Facebook? Apparently, regardless of an article's actual quality, we're more likely to endorse a piece of writing if our Facebook friends do, too. But what happens when our friends give an article a thumbs down? Writer Kenneth Chang answers that and more in this New York Times Science piece. [The New York Times

And as if we needed more excuse to extend our weekends in the Hamptons, here are "25 Reasons Everyone Should Work From Home." [Buzzfeed



Cocktails Inspired by Classic Films

3 movie-themed cocktails for the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival.

August 09, 2013

August is all about catching the final act of favorite summer festivals, and an outdoor essential is the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, which runs through August 19. The festival screens wonderful films on the park lawn at 5 p.m. every Monday. Let yourself literally soak up the spirit of movies like Norma Rae, The Women, and E.T. The Extraterrestrial by sipping (alcoholic) spirits inspired by this month's films. The Royalton hotel's Forty Four (44 W 44th St., 212-944-8844) has concocted specialty cocktails for each of the movies.



Weekend Recommender: August 8-12

A dance festival in Battery Park, Breaking Bad dinner at Louro, and more.

August 08, 2013

Battery Dance Company Downtown Dance Festival

This Sunday's Downtown Dance Festival celebrates art in motion on Battery Park's Main Stage. 

Coney Island’s Third Annual History Day
August 10, 1-6 p.m. (Rain date is August 11)
There's more to Coney Island than mermaids and ferris wheels. Discover this Brooklyn attraction's illustrious history as Coney Island celebrates its third annual History Day at the Coney Island History Project and Deno's Wonder Wheel Park. See organ grinders, Dixieland music, magicians, clowns, and free performances. 3059 West 12th St., Coney Island, Brooklyn

Battery Dance Company's 32nd Annual Downtown Dance Festival
Sunday, August 11, 1 p.m.
New York's longest-running free dance festival opens this Sunday afternoon at Battery Park and runs through August 15, Indian Independence Day. A highlight of this year's edition is Dancing Earth, a partnership with The National Museum of the American Indian. Other performing companies include Greece’s Chapter Two, Great Britain’s The Dance WE Made, Spain’s La Intrusa Danza, France’s Compagnie Vendetta Mathea, and naturally, Battery Dance Company, among others. Main Stage, Battery Park

Breaking Bad Dinner at Louro
Monday, August 12, 7 p.m.
Funny enough, Louro chef David Santos has never watched Breaking Bad. So his seven-course ode to the critically-acclaimed show's final season (which premieres this Sunday) came by popular request from his Monday night Nossa Mesa Supper Club regulars. (Santos is known for crafting dinners around popular movies and TV series.) Priced at $65, this Monday's supper club menu counts piri piri fried chicken (or "Los Pollos") a Tex-Mex crudo, and "blue ice" blueberry granite with cornbread pudding and cardamom curd among its offerings. 142 W. 10th St., 206-0606     



SoHo Welcomes Fellow Barber

Let yourself go this summer? Tidy up with an old-fashioned shave and haircut.

August 07, 2013

Fellow Barber, Crosby Street

Fellow Barber brings old-school barbering to Crosby Street. 

A modern-day men's apothecary is the inspiration for Fellow Barber, the latest from F.S.C. Barber founder Sam Buffa. Located in SoHo, right next to Saturdays Surf, the barbershop, apothecary, and backyard hangout is a one-stop-shop for gentlemen in need of a little grooming.

Like barbershops of yore, as well as F.S.C. Barber's other New York outposts, Fellow Barber combines that low-key, social vibe of an old-fashioned barbershop with sleek, efficient, and contemporary services. In addition to classics like a Beard Trim ($15) and Shave & Haircut ($75), the Fellow Barber's Hangover Treatment ($25), or "barber facial," uses hot and cold towels and essential oils to erase the lingering effects of a long night out. 

And should clients have to wait for their service, the 800-foot shop includes an inviting backyard deck and garden. Not to mention the shopping possibilities: Fellow Barber stocks a curated variety of men's personal care products and fragrances from brands like Santa Maria Novella, ODIN, and Malin + Goetz, as well as an assortment of grooming tools and accessories, from clippers to shaving brushes. A so-called "grooming guide" is always in the house to answer questions about products and grooming routines. 33 Crosby St., 212-929-6014



Q&A: Leila Shams Talks 'City Girl Diaries'

The Style Network series takes a Sex and the City approach to reality TV.

August 07, 2013

In addition to her role as design director of Buffalo David Bitton, New York fashion designer Leila Shams has her own eponymous line, which has been worn by celebs like Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicki Minaj. She's also one of the stars of the Style Network's newest reality show, City Girl Diaries, which follows five best friends as they navigate high-stress careers (PR, journalism, fashion) and dating in New York City. 

How does City Girl Diaries fit in to the rest of your career?
LEILA SHAMS: I personally love reality TV and I think it's such a good opportunity for designers now. It certainly wasn't like that when I started out. But with Project Runway and Design Star, there's been a legitimizing of reality TV and fashion . . . It's just a really good opportunity to get your name out. The girls I do the show with are all girls I'm friends with and I've worked with, so it's a no-brainer.

And are you ever hesitant or shy to see your life on TV as entertainment?
LS: I'm Iranian, first generation, my parents [have] actually been super good about it, but that's what scares me. I guess I'm so old now, if I'd have done this ten years ago they'd have been so upset. It's one thing to say you think you might be pregnant when you're, like, 23, but when you're 38 everyone's like, Thank God.

What would you advise someone just starting out in New York's fashion industry?
LS: I think the easiest thing to do is to go to school here, to go to FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology] or Parsons [The New School for Design.] Not necessarily because you learn what you need in the industry, but if you don't live in New York already, it's so much more helpful to start out here and learn where the fabric stores are, and things like that . . . then you meet people, and it's really important to know people in the industry. 

How is working in New York's fashion industry different than anywhere else?
LS: You're competing with people who are super driven . . . Like, in LA, you can get away with being kind of a slacker. Here, especially when you're younger, if you take a vacation, people are like, 'Ew.' It's totally frowned upon.



'Cutie and the Boxer' Paints a New York Love Story

An award-winning documentary about husband-and-wife Brooklyn artists opens in NYC.

August 06, 2013

The epic Brooklyn love story of artists Ushio and Noriko Shinohara is the subject of a new documentary by director Zachary Heinzerling. A meditation on love, art, and sacrifice, Cutie and the Boxer (RADiUS-TWC) opens in New York on August 16 and is already a festival hit.

We meet the couple, who have been married for 40 years, just as 80-year-old boxer/painter Ushio is preparing for a new show that he hopes will revive his career. Noriko, meanwhile,“ is hard at work on an illustration series (called "Cutie") she has been working on throughout their marriage. Yet the touching film is really about the couple's relationship and shared dedication to art throughout the ups and downs of their marriage.

"My inspiration for the film was essentially Noriko's 'Cutie' comic series, which explores her long, complicated marriage with Ushio," explains Heinzerling. "I think the mood and subject of the film are tied to Noriko's work. Initially I came into the project focusing on Ushio's work, as he was the more open and forthcoming of the two, but once I became aware of Noriko's story, and the way that she had reconstructed her life through her work, the subject of the film switched to their relationship, and the question of what had kept them together."

Winner of the directing award for a U.S. documentary at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Heinzerling's telling of the love story is universally relatable. "Everyone can relate to a story of a relationship," he says. "The highs and lows, the sacrifices we make for both love and work. People can see themselves in Ushio and Noriko's love story, and consider their own choices in life." Opens on Friday, August 16 at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema and Landmark Sunshine Cinema.



Morimoto Sushi & Sake Sail; Farmer's Dinner at Fat Radish

Plus: drinks and bar bites added at Num Pang and more food & drink news.

August 06, 2013

Morimoto Sushi & Sake Sail

Sushi onboard Classic Harbor Line's America 2.0 schooner 

Morimoto Sushi & Sake Sunset Sails: As restaurant patios scorch, temps are always breezy and pleasant aboard Classic Harbor Line's tony America 2.0 schooner. Set sail at 6:15 p.m. and savor sushi and sake pairings courtesy of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, along with twilight views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. What's for dinner? Prepared by the team at Morimoto NYC, the menu comprises four sakes (our favorite being a crisp, pink varietal) nine pieces of sushi (think eel, salmon, fluke) and one roll. Upcoming sails will take place on Monday, August 12 and Monday, September 9. Tickets are $124. [TicketsChelsea Piers, W. 22nd and Hudson River, 212-913-9991

Farmer's Dinner at The Fat Radish: Truly living up to its farm-to-table reputation, The Fat Radish is throwing a special Farmer’s Dinner—featuring a whole pig—on August 7. Chefs Nicholas Wilber and Phil Lewis will cook up a five-course feast using every part of the pig for a meal complete with wine pairings. The dinner is $110 per person and starts at 8 p.m. Reservations can be made by e-mailing reservations@thefatradishnyc.com. 17 Orchard St., 212-300-4053

Drinks and Bar Snacks Added at Num Pang: In addition to their popular Cambodian sandwiches, Num Pang owners Ben Daitz and Ratha Chaupoly are now offering a new drink and bar snacks menu at their flagship location. So you can still order Duroc pulled pork or peppercorn catfish sandwiches, but a selection of beer and wine is available all day while the bar snacks—spicy chicken wings, tamarind-glazed baby back ribs, and roasted okra—are served 4 to 10 p.m. 1129 Broadway, 212-647-8889

Watermelon Dishes at Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina: While Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina is known for its artisanal pastas, watermelon takes center stage for the season, just as it is in Italy. Co-owner Antonella Rana is offering dishes like tuna and watermelon carpaccio, heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, and watermelon panna cotta on the menu. The savory and sweet renditions of watermelon are available in August only. 75 Ninth Ave., 212-370-0975

The Peninsula New York to Open Clement: Last week, The Peninsula New York announced its new restaurant to open this fall will be named Clement, and that Brandon Kida will serve as chef de cuisine. The restaurant will mirror the hotel’s elegant reputation in the lounge and various dining rooms. Chef Kida, who’s worked at some of the city’s finest kitchens, is planning a seasonal contemporary American menu. A September opening is slated. 700 Fifth Ave., 212-956-2888


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