Wool blazer ($2,050), silk bodysuit ($1,095) and chiffon skirt ($545), Dolce & Gabbana. 434 W. Broadway; dolceandgabbana.com; Tonneau watch, Cartier ($21,108). 653 Fifth Ave.; cartier.com; Sterling-silver body armor twig necklace, k. Brunini ($22,000). Fragments, 116 Prince St., fragments.comHorn ring, Dandi Maestre ($450). Urban Zen, 705 Greenwich St.; urbanzen.com

LEFT: Shanghai dress, Chanel (price on request). 15 E. 57th St.; chanel.com. Cage earrings ($10,350), gold mesh bracelet ($14,754 each), gold, diamond and precious stone rings ($8126–35,786), Sevan. Barneys New York, 660 Madison Ave.; barneys.com. Triplestrand jeweled bracelet, Carol Marie ($335). Pas de Deux, 328 E. 11th St.; carolmariedesign.com.
RIGHT: Double-breasted jacket ($345), burgundy shirt ($225), pleatfront pants ($245) and oxford heels ($285), DKNY. 655 Madison Ave.; dkny.com. Spider glove, Perrin Paris ($189). Perrinparis.com. Pyramid stud earrings, Anita Ko ($295). Jeffrey New York, 449 W. 14th St.; jeffreynewyork.com. Fool’s gold necklace ($178), crystal ball necklace ($198), Veda. 132 Ludlow St.; thisisveda.com. Carved aquamarine necklace, Sevan ($12,228). Barneys New York, 660 Madison Ave.; barneys.com. Day-Date II watch, Rolex ($30,150). Wempe, 700 Fifth Ave.; wempe.com. Spike gold cuff, CC Skye ($154). Zappos.com.

Milla Jovovich is currently working as if this could be her last year on earth. The actress, model, sometime musician and designer is promoting Stone, a legal drama with Robert De Niro and Edward Norton debuting this fall, as well as filming the Hitchcockian thriller Faces in the Crowd. She just finished an indie film with William H. Macy, Mary Steenburgen and Tim McGraw called Dirty Girl, where she plays a down-on-her-luck young mom living in a trailer park. She might fly to Russia for a role in a Russian comedy. There’s the press for the fourth installment of the Resident Evil franchise, which made her every young geek’s fantasy, and the role in Bringing Up Bobby, an independent comedy directed by fellow actress-cum-model Famke Janssen. And she’s preparing to star in a remake of The Three Musketeers (slated for next year) directed by her husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson.

It’s exhausting just talking to her about it all. But Jovovich is no stranger to hard work. Modeling since she was 11 and acting since 13, she has become more than recognizable in the span of her career—most recently as the face of Ann Taylor’s spring/summer campaign. (The floral sheath dress she wore for the ads in May sold out across the country.) Now she’s the star of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week campaigns around the world. “I’ve never worked with a car as my costar,” she laughs. Despite the nonstop schedule, there might be an end in sight. In a couple of years her two-year-old daughter, Ever, will be ready for school, and 34-year-old Jovovich thinks that at that point, it’s only fair she settle down and be a full-time mom.

“Once she starts school, I want to stay in one place and be there to take her to school and just have a normal life,” she explains by phone from Winnipeg, where she’s filming Faces in the Crowd. “When your kid is in school, it’s hard to just pick her up and travel. So right now I am taking advantage of the time when she is mobile.”


LEFT: Dress shirt, Brioni ($495). Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave.; bergdorfgoodman.com. Brambling wool pants, Bird by Juicy Couture ($328). Bergdorf Goodman, see above. Agrafe pearl necklace ($42,400) and Tahitian pearl earrings ($11,750), Cartier. 653 Fifth Ave.; cartier.com. Gunmetal multichain necklace, Carol Marie ($225). Pas de Deux, 328 E. 11th St.; carolmariedesign.com. Three-row cable bracelet, Charriol ($995). Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Ave.; bloomingdales.com. Six-button glove, Perrin Paris ($349). perrinparis.com. Tusk ring, Veda ($198). 132 Ludlow St.; thisisveda.com. Tribtoo platforms, Yves Saint Laurent ($795). Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave.; saks.com
RIGHT: Asymmetric dress, Versace (price on request). 647 Fifth Ave.; versace.com. Hoop earrings ($290), Twist cuff ($650), Hervé van der Straeten. Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave.; saks.com. Egyptian cuff, Donna Distefano ($14,750). 37 W. 20th St.; donnadistefanoltd.com.

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