Do you know Michael Satsky? If not, chances are slim that you’ll be granted admission into Provocateur, the nightclub that he co-owns and opened this past year at Hotel Gansevoort.

Satsky makes no apologies for the club’s unabashedly exclusive door policy. “We need to know everybody that’s in here at all times,” he says. But to him, what sets Provocateur apart isn’t its restrictive entry or the clientele. “I didn’t see anything in nightlife that was directed toward women,” says Satsky, who spends most evenings at the club overseeing operations, holding court with his associates and enjoying music by renowned guest DJs. “I wanted to build a place that was comfortable for women.”

The club’s two main spaces are designed to appeal to feminine sensibilities, with décor he describes as part Garden of Eden, part David LaChapelle. The drink menu was developed by skincare guru Scott Borba. “[He] came up with some recipes that are very female-friendly,” Satsky says. Cocktails contain skin clarifiers and age-defying antioxidants. After several such libations, women won’t have to wait in line for the loo—there are 17 bathrooms. Even the front door is controlled by women, ensuring a ratio of girls to guys around 70-30.

Whether you see Satsky as nightlife’s agent of change or an agent provocateur depends on your perspective, your gender—and perhaps on whether or not he lets you in. Hotel Gansevoort, 18 Ninth Ave., 212-929-9036;


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