Dress, Lanvin ($4,630). Kirna Zabete, 96 Greene St.; kirnazabete.com. Belt, Nina Ricci ($275). Post Script Couture, 420 W. 14th St.; postscriptcouture.com. Earrings, Bulgari ($4,950). 730 Fifth Ave.; bulgari.com. Carved jade and diamond ring, Bochic (price on request). Kirna Zabete, SEE ABOVE

  Dress, Yves Saint Laurent ($25,590). 855 Madison Ave.; ysl.com. Bracelet, Louis Vuitton (price on request). 1 E. 57th St.; louisvuitton.com. Carved tourmaline and diamond earrings, Bochic (price on request). Kirna Zabete, 96 Greene St.; kirnazabete.com. Gray and bone inlay coffee table ($1,695), Cobble Hill Ernesto circular screen ($1,295) and Gregor Jenkin Studio steel console table ($5,995), ABC Home. 888 Broadway; abchome.com

It’s a typically confusing New York day, when the city is unsure if it wants to whip your face with a chilling wind or warm your body thanks to cracks of sunlight that sneak through the warehouses massed along the West Side Highway. After being cleared by the refreshingly friendly security guard at Chelsea’s Hudson Studios, successfully navigating deserted hallways and several other photo shoots taking place, I stumble upon a scene straight out of Prêt-à-Porter, Robert Altman’s satirical film about the fashion business. Across a room of barely picked-at cheese plates, while European-inspired dance beats thump through someone’s iPod speakers, I see flames of red hair peeking out from the battalion of stylists, hair and makeup specialists, and photography assistants that have taken over the space. I have found Julianne Moore.

While I feel like a bull in a china shop in a setting like this, Moore appears quite the opposite. Comfortable, focused and almost indifferent to the fuss being made over her, she sports a swagger that screams, “I’ve done this before. I’m a professional. Let’s knock this out.”

The designer gowns have been exchanged for a T-shirt and jeans. Off comes the movie star makeup and up goes the hair into a ponytail, and we begin discussing her latest film, Crazy, Stupid, Love., which she stars in opposite Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. “I worship at the altar of Steve Carell,” says Moore. “I love him on The Office and had such high expectations of him, and he did not disappoint. This whole entire movie was such a great experience. The director, Ryan, Emma Stone—I mean, everything just worked, and I was so happy to be able to do it.”

While this may seem like the stock celebrity sound bite, it’s not. It’s delivered with genuine enthusiasm and truth behind it. “The older I get, the more I want to do comedy,” she says. “Tragedy becomes less alluring. I think comedy is infinitely more interesting.”

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